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    Tweeted and Fbooked!
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    Facebook status updated.
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    love to root the underdog. Specially really really love the webOS and Palm. I hope and pray for Palm that it can kick Apple's ***.

    Please let me know how can I help. Count me in. I am just joining the groups.
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    Tweeted and Facebooked. We're going viral for Ruby!
    Palm III - Tungsten E2 - Treo 680 - Palm Pre - Impatiently awaiting a Pre 3!
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    Tweeted and Facebooked it...let's do this!!!
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    tweeted and facebooked!
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    tweeted and FB'ed. Let's get this OS flying into hands! The OS user experience should spread via word of mouth. I've owned iPhone OS, Android OS and Web OS....Palm wins hands down. Just gotta get a bigger install base!
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    Facebooked this morning!!! Have had people ask me already if i work for palm or verizon.......GO RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got your back...Have seen 3 pixi this week and 5 pre's. Stopped everyone of them and let them know about and tweaking the phone and to spread the word!
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    and if you post it to FB with your FB app, it will say sent from "FB for Palm"
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    HEEEY!!! Who the heck administers Life Moves Fast. Don't Miss a Thing. ??? it should be updated with at least some links so we could use it!
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    For all you spanish speakers / Para los hispanoparlantes:
    » Revisión de una Palm Pre - Video - Byte, tecnología aplicada… a la vida

    Un review de mi Palm Pre
    A late Palm Pre review, by me (Cesar - Lester) and a friend (David Ochoa).
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    have it on my twitter,myspace,and facebook... Loving (palm)
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    Not happy with the build of my Pre, but WebOS is great so I updated my FB status. Hope they survive and release a badass device, build quality wise.
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    I'm in!!! I tell everyone I know about this fantastice phone! I've already gotten at least 2 or 3 people convinced to buy one (sucky part was that one of them got talked out of it at Sprint store... GRRRRRR! I told him to go back!!!)

    Can't wait for the next device :-)
    treo600 - 650 - 755p - Palm Pre!!!!
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    Did it first thing this AM!
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    Twittered and tweeted.
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    Hey, did anybody check the site ( from their Pre/Pixi? On mine, I can see only black page - no letters... Is it just me somehow?
    Want to get the best Android Apps on your webOS device? Tell HP we need OpenMobile ACL!
    Sign the petition today at
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    You might want to zoom out
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    So who runs Life Moves Fast. Don't Miss a Thing.

    They should at least have some link somewhere to find more info.

    Is everyone ready for the 15th?

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