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    I was so excited when I got my pre. But my excitement soon turned into terrible frustration. I have dropped my pre before and it survived surprisingly without a scratch. Then after about 4 months my touchscreen started to stop responding. I sent it in under warranty, they fixed it, I was a happy camper again. A week later the same issue reocurred. Already frustrated with a couple of software issues before I began to ponder if I had made the wrong choice buying the pre but I got it fixed again. Now I just noticed a thin crack in the case right besides the screen which is clearly visible in daylight. I just picked the device up last week after they fixed it for the second time!!! I did not drop it, put it in my back pocket or play hockey with it. After that one terrifying incident I do not even go down stairs with the pre in hand.

    This must have happened while the phone was serviced or on the way back to the store. It completely voids my warranty and I am really scared that next time the screen stops working they'll claim that it is my fault.

    What can I possibly do? I do not even want the phone anymore after these hardware flaws became apparent, and usually you are entitled to a trade after a device has been sent in under warranty two times in Germany. I guess I could spend the 100+ euros to get it fixed again and then they'd renew the warranty. That means though, that if anything else fails hardware wise, I would have to send it in two more times to get an alternative to the pre. It also means, I will pay a significant amount of money.

    I love web-os, I am just sick of the poor battery, the missing apps in the german appstore and the hardware issues, no synch from and to sim and the overall built quality. The guy at the o2 store actually laughed at me for having chosen the pre and told me lots of his colleagues are on their third pre already.

    I wish there was a pre with motorola milestone/droid build quality.

    well, anyone got an idea or does someone want to trade a milestone for a pre with no warranty (guess not but worth a try)?
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    you don't have insurance? Check if you home has contents insurance or something....

    i do agree that it has too many flaws....personally i'm looking into an n97, mostly because its cheap
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    you should reported the problem about the crack to the store as soon as you sore it as they may have damaged it. if you damaged it then at the end of the day this is what you call bad luck.

    maybe you need to take better care of it and protect it better with a case.

    i dont think there is a perfect phone, they all have problems or trade offs
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    @peabrain: I will look into that but I never insured anything myself as I am still a university student and can't afford it so I am probably out of luck.

    @boyblueeyes: I just noticed it yesterday. I would have immediately gone back to the store but now I don't think they'll believe me. And yeah, there is no perfect phone, I realise that. I'd just like to have a smartphone that is remotely reliable and sturdily built. The pre sadly is more of a pioneer project on palms end and seems to be neither.

    I will go to the store today and figure out what their opinion is on this. Maybe they are going to be courteous but I really don't think so (it's germany after all and I know my fellow germans).

    thanks for the replies and the compassion guys!

    okay, i was down at the store today and spoke to one of the clerks who told me that I might have to pay for the repair but it wouldn't change anything about the previous repair tickets, my warranty would also be prolonged rather then reset. So if the display fails on me again I can get another cellphone. Phew...

    FYI: he said the crack was on the inside and it might be a material weakness. It could have broken due to the slider. This is only speculation though, as he was not a technician.
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