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    Hi all, I wrote an email to POP CAP games about the new PDK.

    I included 3 artciles saying how easy it is for game companies to adapt existing platforms, to work with the new webOS platform.

    Since it is now very quick, easy and inexpensive to do so, I had hoped to get an answer saying yes they would do so.

    I got an email saying:

    Thank you for contacting PopCap Games Customer Support. We hope the following information will be of help to you.

    We’re hard at work on porting our games to virtually every console and handheld platform on the planet!

    Our upcoming plans include Sony PS2, Xbox 360, various Nintendo platforms including Nintendo DS, as well as more games for mobile phones, BlackBerry and other portable devices. Stay tuned to our web site PopCap Games - Home of the World's Best Free Online Games or sign up to our Newsletter for news and updates!

    I know we can still use Pop cap games in classic format, however, it would be nice to be able to not have to bother with classic business altogether.

    The answer seems to lean much more toward a yes, than a no. However, I wrote them back and asked them to be more specific as to yes and when.

    Of course the entire topic of PDA convertion of games from other platforms was just sprung on many developers at the south by south west conference.

    I will let you know if I hear anything else, take care, Jay
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    more good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I take it you agree with my reading of it, that they want to support ALL portable platforms? take care, Jay
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    HI, I just got a follow up non answer, but I still have to think they are saying Yes, not no.

    Thank you again for your feedback, we will pass along your feedback to our developers but we have no information available on future releases until official announcements are made.

    Take care, Jay
    Please Support Research into Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Spinal Injuries. If You Suffer from These, Consider Joining or Better Yet Forming a Support Group. No One Should Suffer from the Burden of Chronic Pain, Jay M. S. Founder, Leesburg Fibromyalgia/Resources Group
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    you did everyone a big favor, thanks
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    Hey Jay, care to share that email. I think if more people email them we should be able to get their attention.
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    Hi all, The orginal email was a web form, from their site. The only email. address I have is the one the sent me, which I think deals only with my orginal email so here it is for what ever it is worth. PLEASE ALL OF YOU DO EMAIL POP CAP AND PUSH THEM TO SUPPORT webOS PLATFORM

    If not go to the support section of thier website and send an email thru their server.

    Also here is the text of the orginal email and the articles that I sent them:

    Good day,

    I have been using Palm Treo and centro for about 7 1/2 years. In the fall I will be swithching to a Palm Pre or another webOS platform phone.

    I have had Bejeweled for years and years, (I LOVE IT)!

    Now I know I will be able to use your games by maintaining Palm classic software on the phone as well.

    However, Palm just confirming the release of the public beta for its PDK, this past week. The PDK makes it possible to convert games from other platforms to the webOS platform, with very little work.

    I am including so press info on this and would like to know if you will be coming out with webOS games using the PDK or wotherwise. Take care, Jay M SIlverman

    Game On for Verizon Wireless Customers With Palm Pre Plus Smartphones

    March 12, 2010: 10:30 AM ET
    BASKING RIDGE, N.J., March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless customers with the Palm® Pre� Plus can experience the most popular console games on the nation\'s most reliable and largest wireless voice and 3G data network.

    Pre Plus smartphones operating on the Palm webOS� platform offer customers exciting gaming functionality, including 3D graphics. The games range from action and strategy to mobile versions of popular console games, all from the leading content providers in the mobile gaming industry.

    Some of the games available to Verizon Wireless customers with Pre Plus smartphones include:

    \"Asphalt 5\"
    \"Brain Challenge®\"
    \"Glyder 2\"
    \"Let\'s Golf\"
    \"Assassin\'s Creed� � Altair\'s Chronicles\"
    \"Brothers In Arms®: Hour of Heroes\"
    \"Gangstar: West Coast Hustle\"
    \"Hero of Sparta\"
    \"Dungeon Hunter\"
    \"Need for Speed Undercover�\"
    \"The Oregon Trail\"
    \"The Sims� 3\"

    Palm Pre Plus is available exclusively from Verizon Wireless for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Customers can find these games, along with many more apps, in the Palm App Catalog located on Palm webOS smartphones.
    Palm�s PDK to Allow Easy Porting of iPhone Apps
    by John Paczkowski
    Posted on March 5, 2010 at 4:30 AM PT

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    Palm�s single biggest asset is webOS. Sadly, the company�s single biggest deficit�aside from the public�s apparent lack of interest in its smartphones�is the webOS application ecosystem. But that�s changing.

    At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week, Palm (PALM) plans to release its webOS Plug-in Development Kit, a set of tools to help developers create graphics-intensive games.

    Perhaps more important, the PDK will allow developers to rewrite mobile apps created for other platforms to run on webOS with minimal modification. Apps that currently run on Apple�s (AAPL) iPhone, for example, can be ported over in a matter of days, sources close to the company tell me, and they don�t really suffer any degradation in performance.

    That�s a compelling proposition for developers looking for additional distribution channels. And if enough of them take Palm up on it, we may see the current paucity of third-party webOS apps quickly head toward abundance.

    If you�re tempted to raise an eyebrow over that statement, consider this: Since Palm announced the PDK at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, its early access partners�EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile and Laminar Research�have cranked out close to three dozen games.

    �The webOS experience has been smooth and user friendly,� Baudouin Corman, VP of Publishing, Americas, for Gameloft told me. �We�ve been pretty aggressive thus far with the number of games hitting the App Catalog, so it�s safe to say that we plan to continue this momentum for the remainder of the year�.We�ve seen strong interest from Pre consumers for the kind of games we are releasing. WebOS is going to bring a lot of value and competition to the mobile space.�

    That bodes well for Palm, which has almost certainly been hurt by deficiencies in its App Catalog. The webOS PDK could do much to grow the company�s developer ecosystem and give it the critical mass of high-quality third-party apps it needs to really gain traction in the smartphone space.
    March 11th, 2010
    The Palm Pre: Mobile Gaming�s Underdog Contender
    This article was written by: Jonathan Weeston

    I imagine the people who happened to buy a Palm Pre when it was first made available last year sometimes feel a bit like those of us who owned Sega�s Dreamcast system. They know the technology they bought is fantastic; they know the company that made their device is capable of making some wonderfully innovative software; and they know their device is actually ahead of most of its peers in a lot of ways. But for some reason everyone else in the world doesn�t seem to take much notice.

    The Palm Pre was released last summer to generally positive reviews, and the hype before its release saw the device called everything from an iPhone killer, to Sprint�s savior, and Palm�s redemption. We know now that it obviously hasn�t lived up to all of those titles, and the way that Palm�s stock has dipped dangerously low in the last few weeks is perhaps even more evidence that the Pre has had too much pressure on its shoulders from the start.

    But don�t let any of this scare you away just yet. There is still plenty of good news for those people out there that have decided not to jump on the more popular iPhone or Android bandwagons � especially those that are looking for their phone to be a portable gaming device, too. The Palm Pre may not be the most famous phone on the market right now, but it looks as though it�s about to become one of the most versatile mobile gaming platforms one could ever hope for.

    Gaming on the Palm Pre, like almost everything else with the device, started off slow. When the Pre was initially released it�s app catalog was still in beta; there were no paid apps, which meant developers weren�t really interested in designing for it yet; and the total number of apps you could play with was less than 20. Of those few initial apps the only games available were variations of chess, card games and sudoko.

    One of the best ways to get games on the Pre in the first months it was available was to avoid the official app catalog altogether and choose the back-door method of putting Preware on the phone instead. Preware is a user-supported catalog of Homebrew applications which are all free for download. And, unlike jail breaking an iPhone, downloading these unofficial apps does not get the ban-hammer smacked upon you by the phone�s carrier.

    The games available from Preware are all user-created as well, but because of that they are often not as shiny and professional looking as games you�ll find in other phones app catalogs. However, Homebrew games remain popular, even today, and have some very addicting titles available for anyone that cares to install it on their device.

    (Note: The method of getting Preware on your phone starts off by putting the phone into developer mode, which is done by entering the text �upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart� from the homepage of the phone. A nice little nod to old-school gamers)

    On January 7th of this year, though, there was a great announcement that had Pre-owning game lovers very excited. After more than a few months of waiting for professionally made games to debut on the Pre�s WebOS, Palm announced at its CES 2010 presentation that a select group of companies (EA and Gameloft to name a couple) had been allowed advanced access to its Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) � a tool that would allow developers a way to design games which could take advantage of the meaty hardware available on the Pre.

    This announcement wasn�t just words and promises, though. Pre users following the conference were pleasantly surprised to find out that just a few hours after the presentation the Palm app catalog was filled with new, beautifully rendered 3D games. And even though the games themselves had already been available for sometime on other devices like the iPhone, it didn�t stop Pre users from downloading them all as quickly as possible.

    Most recently, Palm made an announcement on Tuesday at this week�s Game Developers Conference confirming the release of the public beta for its PDK. The PDK will allow not only the development of new games by independent designers and professionals alike, but it will also allow for applications and games to be brought to the WebOS platform from other devices (like the 3Gs). John Paczkowski, of the website �All Things Digital,� reports:

    �Perhaps more importantly, the PDK will allow devs to rewrite mobile apps that they�ve built for other platforms to run on webOS with minimal modifications. iPhone apps can be ported over in a matter of days, sources close to the company tell me, and they don�t really suffer any degradation in performance.�

    (Source: Palm to Release webOS PDK to Encourage Mobile Games for Pre | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD)

    Having potential access to the tens of thousands of iPhone apps will not only mean even greater choices for game lovers, but it will also give developers significantly increased exposure for their titles. The rumored ease of use for the PDK adds to the sweetness even more for non-professional and independent developers looking to create some fun games.

    So, with PDK developed applications, as well as Homebrew designed games available to Pre owners now, what more could a gamer ask for? Well, the WebOS 1.4 patch for the Pre, which was released on February 27th, made several speed and battery life performance upgrades, as well as adding video capture and editing to the mix. Gamers love fast response times as well as the ability to play games longer and more often, and thanks to the PDK, video recording can now be integrated into future apps and games as well.

    But, perhaps the biggest thing that WebOS 1.4 brought with it to the growing Pre gaming community is the ability to use Adobe�s Flash 10.1 software, via a yet-to-be-released downloadable application. With literally thousands of Flash-based games out on the Internet right now there are going to be games available that will be appealing to all types of Pre users � casual and hard core gamers included.

    All Pre users will have to do to access these games is go to any number of Flash-based websites, double tap on the Pre�s multi-touch screen to bring the game or application to full screen mode, and then play or watch Flash video just like they would on a home PC or netbook. And again, since this is the multi-tasking Pre we�re talking about, users will be able to do things like start a Flash video of a upcoming movie trailer in one browser application and then switch back to a paused Flash-based game they have open on another page. This is something that even Apple�s iPhone cannot compete with.

    The Palm Pre isn�t going to wake up one day soon as the king of the mobile phones; but with the options it currently has for gaming, and especially with the options it will have available soon, it�s my opinion that it will become a device gamers can feel not just comfortable owning, but damn happy with, too.

    It�s mainly my hope that Palm will not allow the Pre to be its Dreamcast system � fading off into history as a valiant, but failed attempt at a comeback. The Pre just does so many things right, and if you�ve never seen a 3D game running on it (even with other applications open at the same time) it really is an impressive little phone. One that deserves more attention than it�s currently getting in the media.

    Sure it isn�t the best selling phone on the market, and sure other phones are coming out every day that are making its features look somewhat average, but it does what it set out to do and it looks good doing it. And as a gamer, I find it exceeds all my previous expectations for what a mobile device was capable of doing. That�s really the best thing you could hope for as a company, in my opinion.

    I hope Palm feels the same way.
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