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    I have bad news about how I fixed my missed calls and messaging, hanging of the cards on the splash screen, and palm apps being booted by other large memory hogging applications, general slowness, high battery drain, and other small issues like cryptonotes not being able to be installed through preware and stuff like that that noone else seemed to be experiencing. Well... you no longer have to live with this stuff but the journey can be quite long to fix and is not really something we can hope that Palm will fix since it is really just a fact that our profiles and pres probably got messed up along the way.

    Here is what I did to fix the above issues and make my Pre.... well... just work. PS... before doing this procedure... you will lose yr palm profile stuff so I take no responsibility for that. I'm just stating what worked for me after a long period of frustration and doctoring to no avail.

    1. Go to "backup" and turn it off and say yes to empty it. (this is the step that you will lose all the stuff you care about. You can try skipping this step but it didn't quite work for me when I did.) In the future... you may want to backup everything to Google since then this step won't be that painful as you will just lose memos and stuff and not your contact list. Remember you should backup as much as you can to your computer using the USB cable and using patches that can send all your contacts to your email and stuff like that.

    2. Doctor your phone using the standard doctoring procedures. Before signing into your palm profile ensure you have waited at least 30 minutes b4 doing so. (not sure if this is needed but some other post seemed to indicate it will take time for your palm profile stuff to actually be deleted or something like that)

    3. After signing into your palm profile, perform a full erase and since we are going through all the trouble anyway, you should probably do a secure full erase which is like a full format in windows.

    4. After that is done, sign into your palm device and set up all your old accounts and that should hopefully fix the issue.

    This worked for my pre. You can try with just doctoring and performing a full erase and keeping your profile and report back if that works. This procedure fixed the numerous issues myself and others have been experiencing and even gave me new ringtones that I never got before as well. The only two problems I still have are the random restarting of the phone since update 1.4 and double characters being entered since like update 1.3.5 or something like that.

    Good luck to all. If people find an easier method please post. Just doctoring the phone does NOT fix this issues I had so you must full erase as well.
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    Well done, sir. Those ants in your backyard never saw that thermonuclear device coming.

    The missed calls and messages are a problem specific to 1.4's memory management (could have been there in 1.3.5, but i'm not sure). The next update is probably going to fix the leak. You had a bunch of problems to be sure, but what exactly wasn't fixed by a regular doctoring OR caj2008's super debricking erase solution - which is eerily similar to yours but sans the profile-butchering.

    There's not much stored in your profile that could feasibly brick your Pre. I really think what you did was total overkill.

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