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    I've read the threads on here with cracked screen issues with the Palm Pre.
    I have the Verizon Palm Pre Plus and after 40 days, screen just cracked.
    Didn't drop it, treated it like a baby. Put it in my pocket to go to the store and crack.

    If this has been covered for the Pre Plus, then I will erase this thread, but wanted to notify everyone.

    Went to the Verizon store and because we have a large business account, they waived the $50 whatever fee and are sending me another one. Good news is they said it will probably be a new one since the line is so new and the refurbs probably aren't ready yet.

    Can't believe it. Six Palms over the years, first screen crack. Told my wife must be something big in my pocket.

    Ezrabrooks is my fav bourbon. $51 was the fine for underage drinking when I was in high school.
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    I recently started putting the phone in my pocket screen facing inward and battery cover facing outward.

    That way when I accidentally run into objects (tables, chairs, etc) it won't damage the screen as much if any.

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