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    Now that I have been using my Pre with 1.4 for a while I am fully impressed. Performance is great and the fluidity, which is something Apple has only been able to achieve, is getting pretty damn close. Just using the phone now is a much more enjoyable experience.

    I took the train to work today for the first time in forever and I was able to get a ton of work done, flipping between cards with no lag, listening to Slacker, watching a few youtube videos, texting with a new client, and replying to 20 or so e-mails.

    I got to work and my Monday is a little more stress free because of it.

    Just thought I would share a positive comment about 1.4.

    - Nick
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    Thanks for sharing! I love my Pre Plus and am happy to 'hear' others who share the same experience!
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Me too. Love the update. Can't wait until they work the bugs out of the 720 and 800 patch and add it to Preware. Then I will be really happy.
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    I agree with this. Up until this point I was still using my CrackBerry for day to day work. With 1.4 I've switched completely over to my Pre and I'm loving it!
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    I did experience anything before 1.4, but I can tell you that i've loved my Pre + 1.4 experience my Pre!
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    I'm really liking my phone. If only I could get it to stop dying on me so soon...! But it is really fun to use and I wouldn't trade it for any other phone.
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    Nice to see a positive post. I, too, am enjoying 1.4...even with the couple of bugs, which I am sure will be fixed. I am always playing with my phone, even when I don't have anything "productive" that needs doing. Heh.
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    Video is astounding! With the flash in camcorder patch this thing even works at night!
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    the pre was always amazing, but yeah, 1.4 does seem to have added an extra level of smoothness overall. i fall more in love with this thing every day.
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    1.4 is impressive
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    It's even smooth on my Sprint Pixi. The lag is very minimal, you have to look for it. Web pages render quickly, takes about 2 seconds or less. Even full pages render well. EAS works perfectly. I don't sync our dept address book to the phone, but have full access to it and it's faster than outlook for finding an email address or phone number. I don't use notifications in fb so that app suits me well too.

    I am telling everyone who'll listen and even some Sprint employees that won't, that webOS is hands down the best and it's in its infancy. Enjoy your Pre. Do I wish the Pixi had more guts? Probably, but I honestly do not find myself waiting. But I came from a Centro, so maybe I'm just used to waiting some. I've had the too many cards once...I had 11 cards open and didn't realize it. All in all I'm happy. Love the Pixi form factor and webOS.

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