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    Interesting read and its actually a positive story.

    App Watch: Seeing Success on the Palm Pre - Digits - WSJ
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    GOod read and pretty much what i expected.

    Dev's have been complaining of the over stuffed App store on the iPhone for a while now.
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    “Whatever Palm’s results have been, our results have been spectacular."
    Someone please get the Dataviz people to read the article...the last sentence, at least.
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    Very cool article! I just downloaded Word Ace after doing a search for this company in the App Catalog.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    great read. Sucks I found a pit on my screen froma party the other night while reading it, but a good read none the less!
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    Good to see someone having that type of success on WebOS. That's good news for Palm also.
    One sentance in the article really stuck out: "Mr. Liotta also believes that the functions that don’t exist on the iPhone but do exist on the Palm devices–like the keyboard input and multi-tasking–make the games more accessible."
    It would be nice to see more devs take advantage of these strengths so that Palm can boost of having apps the don't port as well to iPhone or Driod phones an thus create more demand for WebOS devices.
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    nice article
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    Now if only it could be picked up by a less tabloid-y publication..come on NYT
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    One of the best apps to come out for webOS early on, and still one of the better ones today is WordAce. Great game, glad to see it has been paying off for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomR View Post
    Now if only it could be picked up by a less tabloid-y publication..come on NYT
    You consider the WSJ "tabloid'y"? That's a strange evaluation.

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