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    I've seen a few sites where I can purchase a software that will allow a user to use the Palm centro apps on the Palm Pre. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if the software works. Also if you purchse the software, does the palm pre continue to have the same interface and set up like normal, or does the phone switch over to the Palm centro interface?
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    Search this forum for discussion of the "Classic" app.
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    You will have to purchase Motion App's Classic to use the software.
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    Thanks for the quick response! Do you by chance know where I can purchase/download this software? And also, will my palm pre continue to have the same interface as it did when i first purchased it (like multi tasking, touch screen, etc...)?? Thanks
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    it's a app you can get in the appcatolog. You use it like any other app you open it then the old palm os comes up. But it's still a card
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    So if i have the callblock 2.0 installed on my centro and i purchase the the centro app on my pre, will the call block app work? Like do I have to have the centro app up the whole time im using my pre? Sorry for so many questions, im not a technical guy at all. And I really really do appreciate all this help! Thank you very much
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    Classic will still route phones to the Pre for phones. Not familiar with Callblock 2.0 but if it blocks unwanted calls there is a patch for that.

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