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    Well, just got a palm Pre yesterday from Bell Mobility, coming from a BB Curve 8330 (HTC Apache 6700 before that) and I really do like the pre but I have run into an issue doing some homebrew.

    When I would click on "Tools-Tweaks" I would get the normal pop-up asking to install stuff, clicked yes, waiting 30 minutes with nothing confirming or anything so I closed and restarted, same issue. I then went and clicked on the down arrow, changed the repo and downloaded the GNU Update, went fine, phone restarted etc... Now, I get no "Sync, USB mode, or Just charge" options when plugging into my computer, and WebOS Quick Install will not recognise it, neither will my computer view it as a removable disk or anything. Thankfully the Pre does work, and it does charge, but there are a few more apps I wanna toss on there and play some more, any tips on how I can get this fixed?

    I had no idea what to use a search term, so sorry if this is an issue that has been flogged a million times. Any help is appreciated.
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    usually restarting the computer fixes it for me when the phone does not show up just make sure the phone is disconnected from the computer restart then plug pre back in and you should be good to go
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    You may also want to try to re-install novacom. Put your pre in Dev mode, plug in your computer, open webosqi, go to file and then go to options, click on "Attempt Novacom (re) intallation". That should do it. Let us know if it worked. Good luck...

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