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    So yesterday my phone was acting crazy and resetting randomly thoughout the day. I decided to Doctor my phone when I came back home to hopefully alleviate these problems. I read up on here what I must do and researched it before I embarked on this. After seeing so many great success stories with the doctor I figured it could not go wrong. I backed up the phone and started doctoring it. The phone reached 100% and then an error message came up "We were unable to reset your phone." I tried this 4 times and did everything that I saw on PreCental, all to no avail. I submitted and called Sprint and they transferred me to Palm. They could not help either, so they told me to return the phone to Sprint to get a new replacement.
    I had such high hopes for the doctor saving me. For background, I did Preware and some patches and no themes. The only known problem that I had was the "Hide App Catalog Vendors" Patch was stuck on the phone. All patches were updated to AUPT3 on Preware prior to updating to 1.4.
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    Uh what?
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    Did you try using a different usb port? That's the way I finally got the doctor to work for me.
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    I had the same problem when I had to doctor because of a botched 1.4 update ... except mine would fail out at 63% and give me that error. I eventually had to bring it to Sprint for them to replace it
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    Well, most likely there was something physically wrong with your phone then. About the only thing that you can do to damage your phone with patches, etc., is the CPU scaling patches that could cause overheating type problems. Just regular patches will not damage your phone beyond the good doctors repair capabilities.

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