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    It seems like everyone has issues...
    Mine is a refurb (Sprint neither wanted to replace nor fix my HTC Mogul, therefore allowing me to get a Pre for free.)
    I have tweaked it out, I have homebrew apps on it, I have patches. Not one problem.
    My GPS is perfect. My notifications work. No double typing. Maybe I'm lucky.
    My only disappointment is no Arabic Support....
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    I had the battery issue, and that was easily fixed with my Seidio 2600 mAh battery, which, in fact, works perfectly....
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    mine rocks also. no problems here September 1st
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    no problems i haven't caused my self
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    no problems here
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    I have a palm pre plus that has worked perfectly since I got it. It also is tweaked out with patches. I did readjust some settings to extend battery life (turning off things I don’t use until I need them) but the hardware has performed admirably. Best pocket computer I have ever had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yaboimasemase View Post
    I had the battery issue, and that was easily fixed with my Seidio 2600 mAh battery, which, in fact, works perfectly....
    What is the battery issue you speak of?
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    Palm Pre Minus since october, no problems at all other than that the slider mechanism sometimes get stuck a tiny bit. Probably related to the hinge having a weaker design at one side. (GSM ROW)
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    I can do better than that. I have a release day Pre with homebrew apps and over 30 patches. The only issue I have is the miniUSB cover is gone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireless Vet View Post
    What is the battery issue you speak of?
    The battery drain issue
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    Had a slight problem with the volume toggle, but sprint fixed it on site. Still running great, a launch day pre (6-6-09), My wifes had zero problems and has had it since 8-29-09. My 17 year old son will be getting his 3rd pre since 1 week after launch. 1st one was his fault, this last issue is hardware related and Sprint is sending a replacement. He had his original up until 1 month ago.

    Bottom line is that we are mostly a silent majority. Reading the site you would never know that.
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    Have had occasional issues with OS releases (kept having to re-install 2.1 several times until I blocked it) but I have plenty of patches and everything works just peachy. Love the phone.
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    Early August, no problems other than those caused by myself. Two phones, one with homebrew, patches and Preware, one with homebrew, patches and no Preware
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    2600 battery, homebrew, patches, and I l love this thing.

    I do have double letters but, oh well.
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    Had mine for a week, and loving it. Would like to have a little better battery, without the extra bulk.
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    I'm rockin a refurb with not a single problem.
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    Mine has no problems
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    I've had a few issues like the too many cards open error but for the most part this is the best phone I've owned so far.
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    I think I am one of the rare ones who is still rocking a 6/6/09 phone. My only issue is my power button isn't as clicky as it used to be. Otherwise, my Pre is still being awesome!
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    still going strong since the release... currently have a refurb bc i scratched my new one.. but that was my fault. Had to dr a few times, but again, thats my own fault for tweaking it....
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