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    Thanks for posting this.....I was about to post the same

    I love this device! The way it multi-tasks, no other device comes close, and to think it will only get better with time.....LOVE IT!

    I haven't really had a battery drain unless I use it VERY heavy during the day.....I took it off the charger at 8 this morning and 5:30 right's at 66% with 5 phonecalls, a lot of email and texting, and general use of at least an hour.....and I just received my Seidio 1350 battery to take care of the HEAVY use days.

    The slider is nice and tight (knock wood) the OS is nice and snappy, I like what 1.4 did to the speed.

    These are great threads....dosen't always have to be complaints
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    I have the "Too many cards" issue since a few days before the 1.4 update and a lot more after the update. I hope the next update will fix it.
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    No problems here that didn't already have a solution. Hardware is fine, software is better than I expected, not much in the way of tweaks needed (need being relative, of course), no complaints at all. Newer revison, though, hardware wise. Also no problems with 1.4, phone was 1.2.1, I think, when I got it, one revision back from 1.3.5 or whatever, did that update, then waited until 1.4 came out to do any patching. Could be why I have had zero OS difficulties yet.
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    I've been webOSing it up for almost 6 months and haven't had any problems that couldn't be fixed. Bad signal? Sprint sent me an Airave. Crappy battery life? Car charger. Being the only one I know with a Pre? Priceless.

    All my friends have iPhones. Eff that bandwagon, webOS rocks.
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    No Problem since July 7th.
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    bought in october, had to exchange a day after b/c no data signal. Since then, doctored (by my choice to clean up), plenty of patches, tested 720 and 800mhz, now running 600mhz with plenty of patches and apps.

    love it
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    A little pre-mature..but 3 weeks old and it is still perfect! ;-) I just wanted to brag about my phone.. I love it.
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