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    No problems here. I have a launch day Pre.
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    No problems here. Me and my wife both have a Palm Pres and both works fine.
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    Had my Verizon Pre Plus three months now with no issues.
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    nope, you are not a loner. launch day here and going strong
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    Launch day Pre Plus here and I love it!!! I have the double letters and some quirks after the update, but it was minor stuff. Things like having to reset my alarm. I did have a funky incident with my proximity sensor, but that seems to have all cleared up now. I love my Pre, it's going to have to combust before I return it.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    No problems at all here. I'm coming from a Nexus One/Android 2.1 phone so I know full well what a problematic phone can be like. My Palm Pre is wonderful!
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    I had all sorts of problems with the in-place upgrade from to 1.4. But I Doctored back to 1.2.1 then up to 1.4 and it's been smooth sailing since then.
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    rocking a day 1 pre and haven't had a single issue with the phone yet, other then issues i have caused.
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    Rockin a release day Pre. It's been dropped. Sat on. I've let my daughters play with it. It is still alive and kicking.
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    mine has been perfect.
    morris stalk
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    Quote Originally Posted by yaboimasemase View Post
    The battery drain issue
    you sure he didn't mean the battery disconnecting fromt he terminals and causing the Pre to shutdown when you open/close the slider?

    I'm say because that was my issue and I found what I thought was a lot of other that had the same issue. I, like others, fixed it by wedging in two pieces of thick paper in the battery compartment.

    I just turned mine in to BestBuy for replacement/repair. I'm waiting for the call to pick it up now. I had the battery issue above, the white/hot spots near the gesture area, and a couple scratches. Still, I didn't HAVE to get it replaced, it was the evil I knew. but I was paying the bill each month, so I figured I turn it in. (the other kicker is that I'm a Premier member and I'm up for another phone in June. should have waited...)
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    nope best phone I ever had. mine is a pre +. Everything I want my phone to improve on is nitpicky which I would have with any phone. My problem before was the battery but since 1.4 came out it has been even better. I hope palm continues their hard work to please the customers demand and doesn't turn into what apple has.
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    No hardware issues for me either.. I'm running on my 1st Pre June 6, '09.. Software issues.. Now that's another story.
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    what is the battery issue? and how do i get a better one
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    My wife and I both have had Pres for several months. Mine has some homebrew and some patches, hers does not. We have both occasionally run into minor issues. (Yahoo synergy, battery drain...) we have always been able to come on to this forum and find a solution that solved our problem. Just lucky maybe, but I think I have to say, many (not all, no need to flame) issues seem to be self-inflicted out there. As to the rest, I am sure the Pre is not perfect, but then, what phone is?
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    Bought mine a week after launch day. Got a new one a month later due to slider issues. Ever since than, no problems whatsoever. Awesome phone.
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    No patches, no homebrew. Used Preware only to change to turn on notifications, prior to 1.4, then deleted it. No problems since July, '09, except for needing to replace the mini-USB door.

    Very happy with the phone. Wish only the software would permit voice dialing and calendar searching.
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    I've doctored my Pre a few times, but all of those were of my own doing, the software never just spontaneously broke, but was pretty much my own fault.

    As for hardware, I'm still on my first Pre from day 1. I lost the power button once, but that was a five minute fix at a Sprint store. And the plastic on the front corners is starting to crack just a little, but that's most likely from the few times that it's fallen from around 3 feet onto the hardwood floor in my apartment.

    Otherwise, it's perfect.
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    had my pre ( I call it my mini laptop ) since week one. Besides minimal and logical imperfections (usb tab is gone) I've had no problems whatsoever.
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    Launch day Stock Palm Pre here no major issues. Since the 1.4 update its been little flaky though LOLCats app works all weird, but nothing serious. Had to do several reboots since the update, but now its more stable.
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