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    I need help...
    Live the Pre life.
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    Live the Pre life.
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    Um.. What file?
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    It says i need the full game file or somthing.. i dont have the game on the coputer.. even if i did how could I just drag it in to the file..
    Live the Pre life.
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    You do need the full game, there's a thread on this subject (just search Duke3D) I suggest connecting your pre to your computer and going into USB mode. There should now be a folder called Duke3D, there's a readme file in there.
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    Ok, seriously. You need to learn to search first.

    I searched for "Duke3D" and found your answer in the second result.
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    I read that thread and dont get it.. can I get a a link to download the full game.. why couldnt this just be like doom..
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    In that thread there are download links for the files you need, I don't understand how you missed that. Download them, and move them to the Duke3D folder on your pre badabing badaboom you're done. Problem solved.
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    There's basic instructions in the app description which most people read before downloading. The description even advises to look in the readme file for the rest of the details. Very straight forward, why don't people just read so there wouldn't be silly questions? Lol.
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    I dont blame ya man. the instructions are not very well anywhere i look. what i did that worked was google duke3d and download the free one from a random site that was safe. then ran the executable which made a folder on c:\duke3d. then when i open that folder, i found the four files that were need to play the game. then i copied them onto my pre's medial/internal/duke3D and re-launched the app. worked great.

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