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    Why does anybody need a 'media manager' just to drag/drop files to a usb drive as /artist/album/track?
    Podcasts, playlists. movie, sync I listen to music at my computer. Playlists are already set up there. I'm not remaking them. It's easy in itunes already. Podcasts are easy to find and everyone i need already has there's on itunes.

    But probably the biggest reason is the overwhelming majority of consumers in this world are not tech nerds that want to do things the hard way. They want stuff to be simple and streamlined. They don't want to have to create separate folders for tracks and artists. The reason you need a media manager a significant number of people have come to want it or expect it.

    On my music isn't organized in separate artist/album/track folders so i'm surely not making separate folder tree just for a phone.

    Iphones and Nexus One (apparently coming to sprint) both have or are expandable to 32GBs. I'd be stunned if that capacity doesn't double at some point soon. I'm not dragging 32 to 64GBs of data. let alone doing it like i did on a pre only to find out the playlists didn't work. So with that capacity dragging and dropping may not always be ideal.

    And again if i need to create individual file structures that's too much hassle. i'm not interested in my phone being a project. I just want it to work as easy as possible.

    You can do it how you like but now i don't use my Pre for media because it's just a pain. I went back to my ipod. podcasts download automatically. I stick it on the cradle. it syncs. i go.

    Then there is the fact that I've got hundreds of gigabytes of media on drives. I listen and watch it from my desktop so i need a media manager is a convenient way to listen. And again if I'm making playlists at home i don't much enjoy having to do it again. i did it several times when i got my pre and it's a pain. And to this day amazingly Itunes is still the best at copying playlists to my pre properly. The others are unreliable. i've tried them all and they've all had issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    The whole concept is dumb. Every media player in the world, other than the i-crap, simply creates a database based on tags on the fly for organizing on the device itself.
    The fact that every media player does it doesn't negate the need for it to be done. And they all don't locate files the same. Doubletwist and itunes don't all put all the music in the same spot if i remember correctly so it's not like they all do everything the same. If i remember if you copy the same song with itunes and doubletwist you'll end up with duplicates. Not that itunes doesn't have it's issues. it's got plenty like how it renames **** if you don't force it not too. And at almost 300GBs of carefully tagged data i have not interest in it renaming anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    If you depend on itunes to manage your media, you're doing it wrong.
    says you. i mean i hit play the song plays. I click on a play list it plays. I drag a playlist to my ipod or pre and it moves with out the hassle of having to create folders. MY podcasts work fine. I cut my computer off and turn it back on the music's still there. I don't see how i'm "doing it wrong." I'm pretty satisfied. I can use any program and have. I choose to keep using itunes. I'm not locked in. I've never bought off itunes. I don't have any drm'd music. you seem to have some sort of apple or itunes hate. Fine but i don't get involved in that stuff it's a waste. If i don't like a product i don't use it. but i'm not running around crusading against "icrap" or blackberrycrap or windocrap. You may think it's useless and hate it but considering it's like on version 9 and may be the most widely used music player on the planet by millions of people clearly they seem to see value where you don't. And considering how well that company's run and how widely itunes is installed I'm more inclined to see their point of view. That there is a point to a music manager.

    Quote Originally Posted by wunderbar View Post
    iTunes has worked only with iPods since 2001. That is not going to change.
    That's actually not entirely true. I had and old crappy samsung phone and a mpio mp3 player and both worked with itunes, at least drag and drop. Neither had playlist capability but it showed up perfectly fine and you could drag music over. in the end the phone sucked and i lost the mp3 player.
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    does anyone know if the zune market place works with the pre/pixi? i hope Google comes up with a syncing solution that will b compatible with any device. if someone were to do this i dont see the need for itune any longer.
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    I'm from the UK. What's a Zune?
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