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    I think I have the luck. I have had every problem discussed in this forum.

    Pre #1 - Overheated Battery fried the internal components of the phone.

    Pre #2 - Several keys would double type the letter all the time.

    Pre #3 - Light bleeding around edges of screen, and hairline cracks developing under the screen.

    Pre #4 - Checked it over, so far so good.

    The best part of this story, my new Pre today came with OS version That means my apps with work, and my touchstone will not have the 1.4 bugs. I will stay at this OS until the next release. ah!
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    i was on my 3rd. finally returned it for good. ill wait for iphone to come to verizon. i suggest u do the same. or nexus one. it will be with verizon shortly.
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    All of this and you stayed with a pre. Wow!
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Dirtaymcgirt.......these were Verizon Pre's.

    I am staying with Pre, because lets face it, it's a kick-*** phone. I can't go back to the sluggishness of the Droid, or the lack of multi-tasking on the Iphone. I already told the Verizon manager that he better line of dozens of them for me. One of them will be perfect.
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    I want to know what job you guys have who change phones a lot.

    Anyway, WebOS is nice. And I like the community here to. Its just if I was on my forth phone (no matter which company) I wouldn't have the same phone.

    But more power to you, and glad your still with us.
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    All of these replacements are free because it's within the return policy time. Thankfully, if the Pre you buy has problems, you will know right away.

    ***Also, look at my member date. I've defected a couple times over the years, but I am glad to be back.
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    Ahh, I see.

    Well I have a pixi and the only problem I've had was the magnet on the batter door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris073 View Post
    I will stay at this OS until the next release. ah!
    or until the phone updates itself.
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    Palm seems to have rushed or overlooked the manufacturing process of the Pre. The only way this will be fixed is if everyone who sees even the smallest defect or issue brings their Pre back. If a large percentage of Pre's get returned, Palm will have no choice but to up the level of quality in the Pre's manufacturing.

    Also, version 1.4 of the OS should be repealed. It broke more then it fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    or until the phone updates itself.
    Crap, I didn't think about that.
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    I have been blessed with a very good pre. I have had it for 7 months now and have not one issue with it. Still as nice as when I took it out of the box. I bought my daughter a pixie for christmas and I don't think she has put it down yet. All her freinds want her phone. And again,no problems with that one either. I love palm,,i had a centro and that phone is one tuff phone,my wife used that one and it has worked perfectly for at least 2 yrs now. I am looking forward to the next phone that palm puts out.
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    That's why I went and got another. If zmann has a good Pre, that means they make them.
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    I've had a pre since Octoberish ... no problems, each update has made the phone better and better.

    I've even dropped it a few times with no cracks, or anything.
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    I still have my launch day pre, and still dont have all of these build problems like a lot of people have. so it proves that they can make solid things at times if they stop showing up to work hung over all the time lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris073 View Post
    Pre #2 - Several keys would double type the letter all the time.
    Mine does that and the GPS doesn't work. I'll probably go in this week...
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    on my first pre still, only problem ive had is that i cant seem to put it down for more than 5 minutes.
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    Pre # 4 seems to be the charm. I was sitting pretty at OS version when I got it, and the darn thing as expected upgraded overnight. I was bummed because two of my favorite apps do not work under 1.4. Friendsflow and Uber Radio. Oh well.

    But, this #4 Pre is flying. The apps load faster then any of the other Pre's I had. I had one crash, after running "Weather Now". I unloaded the app, and the Pre is back to flying mode.

    I have nothing new on this then the last 3 Pre's. The hardware seems more stable and faster. Wonder why?

    By the way, even the Touchstone is working properly. At 100%, it stays now on the clock screen. No more alert sound over amd over.
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