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    Just tried installing Preware on my new Pre. I used WebOS Quick Install, and when I went to run PreWare on the Pre it said I hadn't installed the package manager. (I had not). Jumped out of it and went back to install that (did not see an icon for it on the Pre, but it seems to have worked from Quick Install).

    Now, everytime I try to run Preware, I get "preware fatal ipkg configuration undefined"

    What do I do now? Saw another post on this error, but no solution. Thanks.
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    Uninstall both Package Manager Service and Preware. Then install PMS, luna restart, install Preware, luna restart. This has always worked for me. You should always install PMS first, then Preware...good luck!
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    I don't see the Package Manager Service anywhere on the Pre. I uninstalled Preware by deleting it from the App list, reset (by taking battery out), installed package manager (still don't see it on the Pre), reset, reinstalled Preware and got the same result. Help!
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    You won't see it on the Pre once you restart is only there to enable Preware. Hmmm....since you are still having the issue, which version of Quick Install are you using? I believe the most up to date version is 3.02. Usually, if there are issues running Preware after installing correctly with Quick Install, it's 'cause it's an older version of Quick Install.

    So, if you don't have v3.02, uninstall PMS and Preware, again, using the same version you used to install them. Then download the most recent version of Quick Install and follow the steps I gave above. Good luck, again.
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    Weird..... How do I luna restart? Is that different than restarting by pulling the battery?
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    Very much so. When you are in QI you can go to the Tweaks page and one of the buttons is to Restart Luna, or, also in QI, you can download the application from the Preware (ALL) feed called Luna Manager, which enables you to restart Luna any time. Luna is part of the OS and restarting it is quicker than the full restart you can do by holding down the power button then clicking Restart. Plus, once you have Preware installed correctly you can restart Luna from the drop down menu in the upper left corner. You really shouldn't do a battery pull unless your phone is completely frozen or unresponsive, though.
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