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    So is there any way to get spell check on my Palm Pre? Either via patch or any other way?
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    under the mojo section of patches in preware theres a 3000 word auto-replace patch
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    Thanks for the info, but it kind of sucks that Palm would not include a spell checker. For business thats extremely important. I hope they come out with something soon...
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    thanked !!
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    If you want better spell checking... I would suggest adding more entries to your autoreplace... thats what it is there for. Mine is up to close to 30,000 entries now... and I suffer absolutely no lag due to it... if we have such a great tool as the auto replace... why do we need extra steps like a spell checker we have to activate?
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    I too would love a spell checker. The problem with autoreplace is I have to know what word I am going to misspell in advance and how I'm going to misspell it. Autoreplace is not a replacement for spell check.

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