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    So I am very novice but managed to successfully set up my Pre the first time with the Quick Install...I am now on my 3rd Pre and having to reinstall.

    I installed the Quick Install but it won't let me add anything to my Pre because it says my "Device isn't found" and asks me to connect when I already am.

    Anyone know what I should do?? Please?

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    developer mode?
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    first make sure you are in developer mode. If that doesn't fix it try to re-instal Novacom.
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    you computer is mentaly dysfunctional and forgot the pre so just reboot both and they should remember each other.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    besides not having your phone in dev mode, having a faulty usb cord is the most common reason why this happens. Try connecting with another cord and see if you still have issues.

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