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    Should I change the time or will the Pre do it by itself like the computers do? I had a phone once that changed all by itself. I'm not sure how to set my alarm.

    Who Dat?!?!?!?!
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    The Pre does it all on its own (had it do this when it "fell back").
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    The time change should be automatic just like your cable box. Your phone gets it signal from the sprint network that adjust for different time zones as you travel and DLST. I live in Hawaii so I don't have to worry about that.
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    here on sprint in texas my time is showing 4:57 am when it's actually 3:57 am, I lost 2 hours , doh
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    mine did it fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottoa2000 View Post
    here on sprint in texas my time is showing 4:57 am when it's actually 3:57 am, I lost 2 hours , doh
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    Same in Texas... 2 hours ahead.... so it shows 5:30 and it's only 4:30. Sweet mistake.
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    Mine also jumped ahead two hours instead of one (location: MN -- CDT).
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    Same here in Missouri, then I was adding a patch, did a reboot and it corrected itself.
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    It's Daylight Saving Time.

    Not Daylight Savings Time.
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    Right after the time change I've been stuck in Roaming mode for the first time ever. Could the time change have had an effect on that? Weird.
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    Make a call to your cell phone, it will reset to the correct time.
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    Mine jumped 2 hours too. I have a flight this morning and was worried about being an hour late. But instead my alarm went off and hour early and I could go back to sleep. Grrrrrr!

    I'm in Texas.

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    Same thing for me in Texas. Ditto for my wife's Pixi and dad's Pre.
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    Thanks Trekker. The call fixed both of our Pre's.
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    I was in western MI this morning, switched fine, alarm went off at the correct time I set last night. Made my 630a flight to Chicago which is good cause I was driving.
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    Mine jumped ahead. I turned on airplane mode, then turned it off. That fixed it.
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    my was fine,and even my preset weekly alarm worked,nice,,,,fyi,,eastcoast.
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    Two hour time jump for me to. In Texas also. Restart fixed it.
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    mine jumped ahead two hours as well. I'm in KC. Went into time & date and the zone was US eastern. Turn airplane mode on then off or make a call and it will correct.
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