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    Received sprint's spring catalog for small businesses. This is their smartphone page.

    Notice their criteria such as MS windows mobile, android market, blackberry app world. No wonder why the Pre doesn't have many bullets.

    Didn't scan anymore pages, but the blackberry curve 8530 got the splash page treatment on the next page.
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    Yeah, that's completely the wrong way to sell a phone. Using platform-exclusive criteria completely skews the comparisons. Geez, Palm has a long, rocky road to climb with these carriers...
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    That is news. I was there at the store yesterday in DC area. They were promoting the HERO and Blackberry. To my surprise both Pre and Pixi were not on display. I spend an hour dealing with the repair folks for exchanging a cracked Pre (near the charging port). I noticed least 10 customers asking for a all touch device , Hero fits the bill. Small business folks might like Pre's form factor better than the mainstream customers.

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