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    Hello all,

    I have had a Pre since November. I have had pretty good battery life (for a smartphone) since then. Suddenly with the 1.4 update, my phone went from good battery life to pretty poor battery life.

    Now instead of getting a full solid day out of it, I only get from say 9AM to 6PM or so (before it would go from 9AM to 12AM). This is with no change in usage.

    I had the Sprint folk look at it, and they made a few changes (changing the data to Sprint Only, taking off Location Services, etc). Battery life didn't really improve much. They tested the battery and it tested out fine.

    I am an iPhone technician by trade, and with iPhones there exists a DFU reset that fixes these types of problems 90% of the time. What is the analog to a Pre? Would doing a reset on the phone fix it, or would I have to do a more extensive reset?

    Thanks so much!
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    I was in the same boat -- had great battery life on 1.3.5, but completely sucky on 1.4. I tried a bunch of things to fix it, but what finally seemed to do it was WebOS Doctor (v1.4). It's basically where you download 1.4 to your computer and transfer it to the phone via USB. Make sure you do the Palm Profile backup first, to save your contacts, memos, tasks, etc. Also backup your photos etc. from the USB drive (webos doctor is not supposed to overwrite that stuff, but some people have reported it happening.
    Note, the first couple times I tried WebOS Doctor, and then doing the normal network upgrade back to 1.4, and that was still bad. Not until I did Dr 1.4 did it fix the battery life.
    Hopefully this helps with others too (and hopefully they'll just fix it so we don't have to jump through hoops like this)....
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    p.s. here's a thread with a link to the Doc:
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    Just did a webOS doctor install on my Pre. I hope it works! Thanks for the tip.
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    Please let me know how it goes! I'm really interested in how this affects battery life! Thanks!
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    That is odd - since 1.4 my battery life is much, much better. Wonder what the difference is??
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    1.3.5 totally wrecked my battery life, and now it is good again with 1.4. Go figure.

    The only problem I have with 1.4 is that my phone reboots at least once a day.
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    I would imagine it's much like other phones and computers in general; the software getting updated several times over the life of the phone eventually mucks it up and slows it down, or causes runaway threads/etc that kill the battery life.

    The iPhone has this problem as I'm sure Android, Blackberry, and WM phones do. It seems to be inevitable; the same reason I always do a clean install with a new OS versus an upgrade, Mac or PC or even Ubuntu.

    As a preliminary report, I reset the phone yesterday and with typical usage today (as of around 8:30AM or's around 11:45AM now), the battery sits at 92%. I'll report back after a few days to see if it lasts this good.
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    It will eventually get better believe it or not.. not sure what the issue was with the 1.4 update, but I did a hard reset after having similar issues and a day later things were better.. Fear not..
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    since 1.4 no battery problem, dropped my phone on bathroom floor and battery performance improved considerably, now I go 2 days without recharging
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    i unplug my pre at 7am and its dead by 12pm, ihave twitter updates and 3 email accounts to check every 12 hours, also i go in and out of roaming constantly. what the heck is my deal? Also would having your phone charging for 8 hours straight while using pandora and gps screw up a battery?
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    ^Going in and out of roaming constantly is the single biggest battery killer on my phone, by far. My phone lasts more than all day with 3 email accounts on push, making calls, texts, heavy usage, everything.

    But in one lab I work in about once a week, the signal is weak, and that room will kill my battery in less than 4 hours because the phone is constantly working/searching/trying to keep single and going in and out of roaming. Airplane mode, or wifi, or possibly the roam-only hack would be good options to look at if they are possibilities for you. I've found in that lab, there is wifi, so I flip the 3G data off and wifi on, and I get normal, if not better than normal, battery life, but that may not be an option for you.


    As to the OP: with as many OTA updates as the Pre has had, and as complicated as these phones are nowadays, it's not surprising to me that people get problems with performance after multiple large updates. A trip to the Doctor fixed all my woes after 1.4, which were few and minor, but the Doctor really did perk up my Pre quite nicely, with a little bit more speed and little better battery life. I feel like it clears out the cobwebs, old installs, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whoefer View Post
    since 1.4 no battery problem, dropped my phone on bathroom floor and battery performance improved considerably, now I go 2 days without recharging
    So we should all drop our phones on the floor? Haha.. How funny that this helped..!

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