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    i did a full erase on my pre. after i got the phone up and runing i put it in dev mode and then from my pc i opened up web os quick install and the installed preware back on to my pre. but now when it comes up the patchs section and applications section is grayed out. i notice that i was runing on preware v0.9.30 is that the problem?? what do i do?
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    update preware that is a way outdated version
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    start over remove preware and start over
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    i did that about 4 times and im still getting the same thing. i dont know what to do
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    you need the up to date quickinstall (version 3.02) then install preware and make sure its up to date
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    ok how do i go about updating quick install
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    delete the one you have installed and download the new one
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    it worked thank you
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    no need to post thanks thats what the buttons for
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    well give me a break this is my first time doing this
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    no it was purely for future reference
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    ok. well i have one more question. the patchs that i installed witch is the virtual kybord,5x5 icons v1 and landscape for messaging. and when i go to camera to take a pic it would flash but the picture wont come up it shows a big X in the picture gallery i think its caused buy one of the patchs what do i do?
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    doubt it is caused by one of the patches they are thoroughly tested but i would try a restart first before i unistalled anything
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    its still happened after the restart i dont know what it can was just working
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    that sounds like a different issue so i would try making a new post about it and hoping someone else has had the issue and managed to fix it

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