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    does the pre support that or no
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    no if you mean being able to listen to fm radio
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    you kno if they are or have a patch for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpreboss View Post
    you kno if they are or have a patch for it
    I believe they would have to come out with different hardware for that. I don't think you can just patch that in.
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    okay then cuz I kno the old palm did it
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    there are apps that will stream almost any radio station over the internet, so you could, if you have a data connection just use one of those apps to stream live fm radio with your pre. check out radio time and also I think net streams also has local stations, also I think.
    What does this button do?

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    that I kno I'm talkn about cominng threw ur stereo
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    that requires one of those hands free kits that use the radio on a certain station
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    Yes. There are several hands free devices which will serve as a speaker phone and also as an mp3 player to your stereo. The devices use bluetooth to connect to the phone and fm radio to connect to the stereo.

    Such devices work with any bluetooth enabled phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpreboss View Post
    that I kno I'm talkn about cominng threw ur stereo
    It would help if you explained your question in a little more detail. Are you talking about playing music from your Pre through your FM car stereo?

    The Pre doesn't do this on its own but there are several ways you can do it. You can use an FM transmitter but there are several better and cheaper ways that may be an option depending on the stereo in your car.

    The best way would be Bluetooth if you happen to have a stereo that supports it. The Pre supports this on its own so there is nothing you need to buy and it's free.

    Another good way is if your stereo has an auxiliary input. If it does, this just requires the purchase of an audio cable for a few bucks. This way also gets you the best audio quality.

    If your stereo has a tape deck, you can use a tape adapter to play the music through your stereo. I use this way in my car because I have a tape deck and CD changer but no aux input.

    If none of these are an option for you, then you can use an FM transmitter. The problem with these is that they can be expensive for one that actually works, and even the expensive ones get quite a bit of intereference sometimes. I use one in the company truck I drive for work. It does the job but I sometimes have to change the frequency due to interference.

    This is the one I have: Griffin Itrip Auto Universal Plus Refresh FM transmitter and PowerJolt Auto Charging for Portable Audio Players: Electronics
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