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    Anyone else having this problem with their Pre? Not the fact that my phone thinks my headphones are plugged in when they're not (although I have had that problem), but that if I've got in my pocket, the slightest bump makes the sound short out. It's happening all the time, and I know it's not the headphones...I've tried it with at least 5 pairs, including a brand new pair straight out of the box, with the same result every time.
    Any suggestions? Is it just a result of normal wear and tear? Can it be fixed? I'm really getting sick of not ever being able to listen to music while on the move.
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    Yes, it happens to mine all the time. Some times when i try to wiggle the cord to get my sound back, it changes songs on me......
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    Had to exchange my first pre because of it. Didn't attempt to use earphones on the replacement. Only use Bluetooth headphones now.

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