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    Next week I will be receiving my fourth replacement phone. 1 touch scrrens that didn't function, 1 audio problem with all types of play back, 1 broken headset jack, and now an external speaker that doesn't work. All since November 2009. Am I just unlucky? I know of 4 other pre's in the wild with no problems. I haven't had too much trouble getting replacements, but it is getting to the point that I am questioning these phones. I really enjoy the pre, and I just want one that works.
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    there is no doubt that there have been problems with the pre, but i dont think they are as widespread as they seem. the largest complaint i see is the "oreo" effect, which doesnt typically affect the phones performance.

    Ive had 2 pres, my first one lasted me from launch day till last month (external speaker issue). refurb i got has no problems at all, and is a more solid phone than my first.

    id say your having some bad luck. i suspect that many of the other posts claiming they have been through 4+ phones have been due to the "oreo" thing. maybe the 4th time is the charm.

    also, if your into preware and homebrew, try erasing and doctoring the phone if an issue comes up, before returning it. Homebrew generally doesnt cause too many problems, but sometimes pieces of code can get messed up, and that can cause all kinds of problems.
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    "oreo" thing/effect? Please explain.

    I am on Pre #2, soon to be Pre #3. The first one had a bad modem, and my current one had it's little mini USB door brake off and now the screen is cracked. I do have the insurance through Spint, so I am not worried about getting a replacement yet. I am not siked about the phone to care about it much anymore. I will get it replaced when Palm gets their stuff together with there updates.

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