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    VisualBoyAdvance (gameboy emulator)

    i just downloaded the app a few days ago and ive been trying to figure out how to get a game onto it since. can anyone help me with this??

    p.s. im not a computer wiz so try not to use big words that i wouldnt understand =)

    step by step would be nice
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    another one
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    Patience man.. I'm looking for the exact path to the roms folder.
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    Ok. Open the Pre in USB Mode and put roms in /vba/roms
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    ok, now i have the game in and it only works landscape so i cant really use my keyboard to do any contrls
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    Try holding the Orange button and pressing the @ key
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    thanks bro
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    Here's some more info for possible future questions:

    Application:VBA - WebOS Internals

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