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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    You'd probably commit seppuku if those numbers actually hit.
    Well.. then I must play them immediately and will send you TWO invites if they hit more than $100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fussnfeathers View Post
    Last time I misplaced a charger, it was in my wife's underwear drawer. I really don't know how it got there, nothing in there required chargable batteries. Come to think of it, I don't know why I looked there, either.
    A reasonable guess, but we just got new closets and hence a new fancy underwear drawer for the wife with frosted panel front and little separators so the underthings do not get jealous of each other.. so been there done that already.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    oh please....I'm not a hater. 1 post or 2000 I'm just saying if we put things where they should go it would be better for
    Is this a reference to my post or to the batteries and charger... lol... xd....

    Oh and thank you for keeping on posting and bringing this post back to the top in the wrong place to annoy everyone in conflict by the post title as to what this post might be about.... Just saying....
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    at work on or in your desk drawer thats where i keep a extra battery of mine at least
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    No batteries yet.... Alas... no winner yet.... Still looking......
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