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    ok am I going crazy.... I could swear that if I started typing a name from the main screen, universal search would bring up the name and I could click it to go to contacts. This works in the phone app, but I could swear it used to work in universal search. Now it does not... it just takes me to google search etc... Tried rebooting, etc... Was this a feature before? If so, anyone else experiencing this and anyone know a fix. I have a standard Pre with no preware or patches with current 1.4 update.

    Thanks all... Etu....
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    I've run into that issue a few times. Its a bug. you dont have to necessarily restart your phone, just get out of US and try it again
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    I have tried and tried.... seems recent for me as I do not recall this problem before the last few days...
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    i have lost the ability to search for my contacts' names using universal search as well. it can find apps just fine but no names. someone please help. i uninstalled all patches and did WebOSRepairUtility. Nothing works. I'm on firmware 1.4
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    fixed it, used webosdoctor to completely wipe my pre. lost everything but it was all backed up anyway with palm sync. works like a charm now.
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    Same thing just happened to me, what did you use to backup EVERYTHING?
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    try opening the contacts app and after that test universal search.
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    Same here. Happened to me after 1.4.1 update. can search contacts in contact app and also in phone app but nothing come up in universal search. I will be really upset if Doctoring will be the only option. Any guesses?
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    I had same problem - looks like fixed it!

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