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    Some background...Long term Palm user (IIIxe, m505, Tungsten E, TX, and then 700p). I anxiously awaited the mythical treo 800 p or palm NOVA, none of which ever came. Since I love Verizon and the front facing Qwerty factor, I was willing to switch to Windows Mobile so long as it was a Palm device, but Verizon passed over both the 800w and Treo Pro...So I got the Samsung i770...shortly after Palm announced WebOS, and DOH! It went to Sprint...I looked on in jealously, and found WM useable but gimme a as soon as verizon announced they were getting the Pre Plus, I ordered the device online on Jan 26...Got the device Jan 28.

    Phone was a breeze to set up, my yahoo, google, and facebook accts all set up without a hitch, it was fast and responsive, and I loved flicking cards away, multitasking, the gestures, the browser...I was in heaven. Perhaps so much so that I ignored that my phone was heating up all the time and with it the battery was draining in record times...what was I doing wrong? I finally went in to the verizon store, and the technician looked liked he had never seen the phone before...he offered to change the battery, and lemme tell you, watching him try to pry the back cover open was such a nightmare that I have yet to attempt it myself. Anyway went home with the new battery very optimistic, but within a day, my pre plus was heatin up again and taking the battery life with it. Boy was I disheartened, my previous two devices the 700p and samsung had 1800 mA batteries, the pre plus was a measly 1150 mA. I have never had phone reception issues with verizon before and had full bars now, I knew to shut off wifi and bluetooth when not needed, to check email manually (no reason for push, that's what sms is for) and always had the brightness level low. I was having a blast using webOS, but couldn't make it through half a day and was afraid I would burn a hole in my pocket.

    So I turned to PreCentral (goodbye Treocentral and WMExperts, thanks for the good times). I found out some great tips and advice Re: the battery. The most memorable advice, wait a few charging cycles for the phone to "break in", where the battery is getting optimized, contacts, calender, and email are all getting setup. I read yahoo contacts synergy is a battery killer so I exported contacts to google...that was somewhat troublesome as not all google contacts synchronized until I followed some great advice on this board and fixed the problem. Sure enough, the phone stopped getting hot all the time and my battery life improved SIGNIFICANTLY.

    Mind you, everyone should purchase a car charger, I used the included charger for home (which conveniently also becomes a USB cable to connect to the computer to charge and load music, photos, etc...very thoughtful) and a touchstone for work. I was a bit surprised that the touchstone needed to be plugged not sure what the usefulness of it is other than it allows you to avoid opening the flimsy charger port, but hey it looks COOL. I always have a charger near me...

    I downloaded many free and great apps from the app store, which I found an absolute pleasure to use and it's fast and unobtrusive when downloading. Radiotime, stitcher, Accuradio, Pandora, engadget, sporting news, ny times...all great apps.
    Being in the medical field I was tempted to try out classic for my memos, epocrates, and uptodate, but resisted...Tried lexi drugs but that was terrible. The folks at informed me that they could not release the software for any platform that doesn't use a memory card, go figure. But the website works great with the browser so I just leave that open during clinic hrs if I need quick access. Then epocrates came out, and palm please take notice. It's the quickest webOS software by far, and the best version of epocrates I have ever used.

    I purchases a few games, including asphalt 5...WOW!!! Never thought I would be playing handheld video games again since the days of the first color gameboy. Games are amazing with great graphics...just make sure you shut off your data connection and have a charger near by!

    The 1.4 update came and went smoothly, and despite what others have reported, battery life did improve for me. *I use the option to put wifi to sleep when the phone is off. *And video recording is great, though it should have been included at launch.

    Another great battery tip I learned from the forums: shut off data usage if you are not using it or if you know you are in a bad reception area where the 3G and 1x signal for data is constantly fluctuating and your phone is getting hot. *With data off, you can still make phone calls and use text messaging (though not MMS), but won't have access to data. *However if you are at home or in a wifi hot spot, turn wifi on and you get your data! *This simple trick has saved a ridiculous amt of battery...not sure if this is a CDMA issue or if the pre plus has a bad radio or what, but 3G is def a battery killer. *Wifi is much less taxing to the battery.

    Airplane mode! *I went on a cruise to the caribbean, took the pre with me to be used as a gaming and multimedia device. Terrific...the battery lasted forever. *

    Re: the Pre Plus build quality and hardware. *Not sure why some people have had such major problems. *The Phone feels great in the handd, I love the sliding form factor, the keyboard is surprisingly easy to use- initially looking at the sprint pre, I though the keyboard would be terrible, but it's actually very useable and much better than the droid keyboard. *My main complaint is the double letter and missed letter issue that many others have had, and yes, it does seem intermittent. *If the phone has been on for a while there are virtually no issues, but when I haven't used the device for a while, the issue arises. *And it's more of a problem with text and emails than memos. *I honestly think it's a software glitch and some miscommunication btwn the hardware and software, and there is a lag issue as well. *Feels like the phone is busy doing something else while I am typing. *Hopefully palm will have a solution for this in a software update in the future.

    Re Calender and Contact sync. Yahoo calender works great for me, no issues whatsoever with syncing. *Like I mentionedd earlier, Google contacts works great after I solved the initial issue and seems to be less taxing on the battery.*

    Email works great, and I was surprised to be able to add my free hotmail account. *Usually you have to pay 20 bucks for pop access, not with the pre. *It's free. *I would like an easier way to send email to multiple contacts, I know there is paid software for this but it's a basic feature that should be included. I also wish I could change the font size without using a patch.

    The camera takes great pics, but more editing features are needed...perhaps palm can add software features in the future.

    Bluetooth works great with my headset. *Wish there was software to route the phone audio to my mono headset so that I don't have to purchase another headset with A2DP. Windows mobile had software that could do this.

    I love the Amazon MP3 store and the ability to add songs whenever and wherever I am. The music player is robust enough, I just need it to play music and that's what it does. Same with the preloaded YouTube app. *It does what it needs to do and works great.
    The web browser is awesome, the memos feature is rudimentary, I don't use tasks, the calculator is nice...BIG missing feature- working with documents. *The doc readers are rudimentary, the 1.4 update took away the zoom features too. *If Docs2Go can't step up, Palm needs to push another developer to make a document app, or perhaps license MS Office like nokia did...anything. *

    I barely use the GPS and google maps...the few times I used google maps it got me where I needed to go, but it's rudimentary software. *I have a dedicated GPS in my car, so don't care much for the feature. GPS and location based features are therefore off at all times and only used when needed. *This too helps save battery.

    I use Jvault for passwords, it's very customizable and cheap. They recently added a desktop app, also great so now I have a backup and synching feature for my passwords.

    One other thing. *I think Synergy is great and all, but there's no doubt in my mind that it is a HUGE idle time battery killer. *We should be able to change the frequency of the Synergy feature or even have the capability to shut it off if we want.

    I just purchased the Mugen 1400 extended battery, should be getting that delivered next week. I use the official palm pre side pouch, got it cheap from amazon. *The phone is nice and snug in there and there's a neat pulltab to get the phone out of the pouch.

    Finally, I did purchase the extended warranty for this phone since I do plan on keeping it for my full two year contract and am always weary when a phone has moving parts, though thus far the slider works great. *I can say I will have this phone for two years because with every software update, it seems the phone keeps getting new features and it feels like new again.

    BTW, my phone is still Stock, meaning I have yet to use preware and all the other goodies...The only Patch I would need is *have more launcher pages with categories and with smaller icons...but I don't want to mess with a good thing. Hopefully Palm will release the official patches to this. Otherwise I will look into preware soon.

    So, this ends my extensive and wordy 40 days and 40 nights experience. *This is a GREAT phone, and for all you haters out there, instead of complaining so much, if you really have issues, get another OS phone...all OSes seem good, I just think the Pre Plus is the most unique.

    Thank you Palm!
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    great write up!!! thanks for your thoughts... any negatives ?
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    Wonderful to 'hear' your experience. I'm quite smitten with my Pre Plus as well.
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    thanks! Negatives are mentioned above. I would add that the palm profile and default calender should be accessible online...similar to microsofts myphone feature...the way it's set up now is kinda pointless since you can't access your basic info online and are forced to use google, exchange, yahoo, or pay 40 bucks for syncing with palm desktop or MS. Outlook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    thanks! Negatives are mentioned above. I would add that the palm profile and default calender should be accessible online...similar to microsofts myphone feature...the way it's set up now is kinda pointless since you can't access your basic info online and are forced to use google, exchange, yahoo, or pay 40 bucks for syncing with palm desktop or MS. Outlook.
    Hear, hear!
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    I've had my Pre Plus since the first week of Feb. I really like it except for the battery life is sub par and the double letters on the keyboard. (Not fixed by 1.4) I won't bother exchanging it cause it's not too bad and I don't want a refurb (somebody elses old problem). Bottom line, love WebOS but the hardware feels cheap and it's not the best quality. I think that's really hurting Palm more than anything followed by their terrible marketing. (Creepy Girl, Mom phone..... really? Lame!)
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    Excellent write up. Be sure to let us know how that new battery works out.

    I too went with the Pre Plus because of my prior use of Palm devices. I am still using a TX for medial uses. I wish Palm decided to support us Palm users fully. Palm does make some head scratching decisions. It took another company to add a memory card to the original Palm III (TRG) Why they didn't put a memory card slot in this device is strange.

    Don't be afraid of Preware. I have had no problems with it, and you sound more sophisticated with these devices than I.
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    I stopped reading at the love for verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I stopped reading at the love for verizon.
    yeah i feel you that was a lot, but what i did read i can say, great write up man
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    Excellent write up! Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion. Well thought out and very helpful to the new Pre owner.
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    Nice review! You're really positive and smart about using your PRE.
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    I guess I should add you can also add your free yahoo acct to email, without paying $20 for a "plus" account, similar to hotmail in my post above.
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    Finally got the Mugen battery- took over 2 weeks to receive from the date of order. Its charging now, will update my experience with it.

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