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    I didn't find this when I did a quick search, so here goes:

    My pre says I have 8 GB memory, and only 0.1 GB is available. Thing is, I can't find where these files are so they can be deleted. My computer (a Mac) says a similar thing, but all the folders don't add up to anything near 8 GB.

    The only thing that could be taking up that much space are music files I put on the Pre a while ago. But I thought I deleted them. Is there some special folder they might be? Would my home computer have some screwy setting that prevents me from seeing everything?
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    did you sync the music via itunes?
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    It sounds like your Mac isn't showing you hidden folders..there's quite a few of them, and if you sync'ed with itunes, the music will be in one of them. There are some threads on here detailing out how to view them.
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    I did a search on hidden files nothing came up can you shed any light on the hidden files
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    It looks like I solved the problem. I plugged the phone into my computer and emptied the Trash bin. It took a few hours..not exaggerating, but the subsequent update went off without a hitch.

    So I guess the files (7+ GB) I once had on the phone were kind of deleted but still took up space anyway. Formally emptying the Trash was the only new thing I did.

    Thanks for all who chimed in, and hopefully this helps someone down the road.

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