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    I think it would be awesome to see an active wallpaper of a picture of the world, much like google earth, that you could spin around. I don't really care if it could zoom in, as I would imagine that would slow the phone down pretty considerably. I know that active wallpapers aren't currently something available for webos, but would it be possible for this to be an added feature in the future, or is it a limitation of webos that just isn't going to happen.
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    As you stated, active wallpapers are not currently supported with webos, but if we ever get homescreen widgets it is well within the capabilities of the phone.
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    i believe someone mentioned that it cant be done (as of now) in a thread that mentioned this right after the nexus's announcement
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    bummer. i thought of a workaround while we wait for active widgets though. If you could get maybe 10-20 320x480 pictures of the world at different angles, and then use a wallpaper switcher app, and set it to switch every so often, it could still be pretty cool.
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    probably be a serious battery killer
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    yeah probably, im sure its not worth the trouble
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    It'd have to be an active process (wallpapers are, on any OS. They don't shut down when you open a full-screen application, they're part of the GUI). It'd probably work fine on WebOS, since it is a multitasking OS, but yeah, it'd drain the battery faster. Not something I'd really care too much about, if I've got my phone out and in use (or my computer, for that matter) I'm not sitting there looking at the wallpaper too much. I don't even HAVE a wallpaper image on my comp, just a black screen.

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