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    when we can see one of them on our PRE with OFFLINE maps????? Dear PALM



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    TomTom, please. I already brought the maps for UK & Northern Ireland, France and North America East coast on my Treo. When I travel to the US in July, I don't want to be using data roaming just to navigate my way around.
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    unlikely....seeing as how the americans get free maps with their mobile provider, their is no real point in anybody investing in the pre.....the numbers aren't there
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    I vaguely remember a post somewhere saying Garmin was already working a Pre tbt nav solution. Whether that was insider knowledge, or somebody farting out of his mouth; no way to tell.
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    Sounds wrong in my ears. I remember Garmin announced not far back, that they would stop developing software for other companies and focus on their own hardware and the following software.
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    I desperately want something like this, or even Google Navigator. That would be great.
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    ...Palm is really incredible !!!!
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    IMHO, I think i would stick with my tom tom.
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    If it looked like I wasnt going to get sat nav on my phone by the time my contract renews it would be enough for me to ditch the pre in all honesty. Ive always had sat nav on my phone for years and this is the first one which hasnt had it and im missing it. Google maps is getting me by for now but Im an all in one gadget man so we will see I guess. Im hoping all these new changes palm are introducing will bring navigation to us like all the third party navs on the iphone.
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    With Palms new PDK it is supposed to be easier for developers to move apps from the likes of the iphone over to the webos, so was hoping this will avoid the time and effort of the likes of Tomtom and Garmin to bring some of their apps to our devices.

    I agree with diggedy I had the treo pro before so had tomtom and all my apps in one device, now I have to have 2 gadgets so I can get access to gps mapping software.
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    I would LOVE to see offline maps... because the time i usually need navigation the MOST... is where there is a weak data signal... thus.. i have a smaller garmin that i always take along

    right now tigerdirect has a TomTom One130S GPS with txt to speech(refurbished) for 69.99 not a bad deal at all!

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