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    Here's a list of cruise ships where Sprint CDMA should work: Cruise Ship Roaming - Cruise Lines & Ship Names
    As Jody mentioned, voice is $2.49 per minute, data is $0.020/kb, that can add up quickly. Nothing is mentioned about texting costs unfortunately.

    Were it me, I'd probably make sure data roaming is disabled just to be safe. Actually like someone else said, just put the damned thing in Airplane Mode. Take your pics and videos with it and when on land, hit up an internet cafe, turn on Wi-fi and upload everything then and download all of your email.

    International/cruise ship roaming can get expensive pretty quickly if someone isn't diligent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jodynewman View Post
    Thank you for all the comments. They do help. I am glad to know I am not missing some big secret.

    I was wanting to bring the phone along for the pics and video clips, but it looks like I won't even be able to upload them. Might just have to bring a pocket camcorder or something.

    Thanks again!
    I took my Pre along a Med cruise last summer. It was pretty much useless unless you want it when you are at a wifi location in some of the cities (too cumbersome IMHO to use with expensive per minute plans on the ship. Get a GSM phone for travel in Europe (World SIM work great in my ATT Palm Centro and is convenient but pricey), but take a laptop or better yet 'netbook' if you want to connect to send your video or photos when you find a wifi location. Skype worked well only when in port wifi ... shipboard connections don't. I used shipboard wifi for blog updates an photo uploads (after sizing) but still found it lacking, slow and expensive.
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    I used my Pre on my cruise using the ship's WiFi and it worked well - even got to sit out on my balcony in the back corner of the ship and check my e-mail and Facebook, which was nice! I e-mailed some Pre photos to a few ppl as well as uploaded some Pre photos to Facebook with it, too.

    I purchased the $100 for 250 min. plan (plus then they gave me 20 min. free for some reason - I'm not complaining!) which was perfect for my eight-day cruise. I used up all but a few minutes of it. Remember that when you're e-mailing, you can log onto their Internet, get the e-mails, log off to read and reply, and then log back on to send the replies/new e-mails so that you aren't wasting minutes composing e-mails.

    On my previous cruise (pre-Pre) I bought the same number of minutes but used their Internet Cafe computers for it. I liked using my Pre out on my balcony or laying in bed in my cabin much better!

    Using the WiFi in hotels in foreign countries works well, too. I bring a travel-sized (pocket-sized) wireless router with me so I can use the wired ethernet connection in the hotel room with my Pre. Just be sure you set up the router at home with your computer before you travel - I set it up so the SSID doesn't broadcast and set it up with WPA2. I leave my Pre on WiFi all the time when I'm in the hotel room so that I get my e-mails like usual.

    I don't use the phone internationally. My father has an international phone for the trips he takes, so I borrow it from him when I travel out of the country so that I have something to use in case of emergency. (Nobody really calls him on that phone, but if they do, I just let it go to voicemail.) If I make a non-emergency call, I do NOT do it while at sea on a cruise ship because of the charges. I wait until we're in port and make sure I'm connected to the port's local provider (the ships are to turn their antennas off within a certain distance to the ports, but sometimes they forget).

    You CAN use your phone without extra charges in U.S. Territories like the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Data works there just fine (and no extra charges), too.
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