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    I can't load the Google Maps app. It sits for a while (about 30 seconds) and pops up a card saying that "Google Maps requires and Internet connection".

    I've already updated my "Network Settings" and my PRL. I have a full Ev connection. Yes, I've tried it through Wi-Fi as well. I can search with Google just fine, so DNS is OK.

    Anyone else seeing this issue? It was working fine just yesterday.

    Sprint EvDO
    PRL: 60662

    (Actually I just got an email as I was typing this so I know it has an Internet connection.)

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    Is nobody else having this issue?
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    Mine has been like this for at least a week. I still can't figure out how to fix it. I'm planning on just doctoring the phone when I have more free time.
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    Mine is the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfroelich View Post
    Mine is the same way.
    Oddly enough, I just used mine and it's working great. I have the Pre Plus on VZW
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    Yes I had the same issue the other day, I then closed and reopened the app and it worked on the 2nd try.
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    On mine it usually take about 30 seconds to actual load. I haven't gotten that error before but mine takes a lot longer to load since 1.4.
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    I was having the same issue, and then I tried to go to this link: for google latitude and it opened up and has been working just fine since.
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    I tried that link, but I got the same screen.
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    It is hit and miss for me. I usually have to try to open it 3 times before it works. Funny that I had that happen once at the same time I got an email into my inbox. Guessing that the inet connection was working just fine at that point.

    Google needs to up the ante on this.
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    reporting the same problem here. Oddly happen to me on the 14 which is sunday. Tried it with wifi with same result.
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    working fine here, VZW pre plus in metro MN
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    To all:

    I ended up making Maps work again. I logged into my Gmail account through the *browser* and it's been working fine since. It still takes 20 - 30 to actually load and show me a map, but that "fixed" the Maps app for me in general.

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    This happened to me today but I figured it was poor signal strength. We'll see..
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    I just did the same thing. I googled maps,clicked the main google maps link,and it prompted me to sigb in with my google account.

    now it works again.

    Too bad I didn't see your post sooner.
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    You're lucky that it prompted you. I was throwing everything I could thing of at the phone trying to make Maps work. I finally thought "what tge hell..." and went to in the browser and logged in. It's worked fine since!

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    ...and it also fixed my gps. Before, I could only get accurate within ~500ft after 15 minutes in the sun, now within 30seconds, it was 20ft.

    Now that everything is working as it should, lets see about this 600mhz thing...
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    Cool! Well, if this is working for more people than myself, I'll change the subject to include "FIXED".

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    Latitude was "dead" for me as well.

    But just as I was starting to type this message, my friends list "popped up", and it's working again.

    Have no earthly idea how or why. I had tried to get it working all day....
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    Might just be google. Who knows. Seems to be erratic.
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