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    I'm a FIRST Mentor ( and we had a (surprise to me) celebrity judge for this weekends Arizona Regional, Steve Gary "The Woz" Wozniak. Naturally, I wanted my picture with him (naturally). He agreed to a picture (1 with a fellow mentor too). As we take pictures using my Pre, he says "Nice phone."

    I thought it was cool, but I also think a picture with The Woz is freaking awesome too.

    Had to crop the hell out of it because it looked better than black blocking faces.
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    meh he worked for apple so hes kinda like the enemy
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    The Woz is cool as hell!
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    Very cool! No matter how you feel about Apple now... you have to give this guy props for being a major part in a moment of history that changed the direction of technology.

    Well done!
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    very cool. Woz is the man
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    nice, i like macs, just not iphones.
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    Nah, Woz is cool. He knew whem to get out. Same thing with Steve Allan from Microsoft.
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    Woz isnt apple bias, yes he has an iphone but he has a blackberry some androids too.

    Wont be long before he has a pre

    Also celebs with the pre... i mean JACK FREAKIN BAUER has my phone....

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