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    How to copy my SIM Contacts to the Phone ?

    For my SIM contacts I do not see the option to copy it to Palm Profile

    When selecting a Palm Profile contact.. In the Menu I get the Option to
    "Copy to SIM Card"

    When selecting a SIM contact.. In the Menu I only get the Option to
    "Copy to SIM Card"
    "Preferences & Accounts" are Disabled in the Menu

    Also was wondering what "Link more profiles..." does ?
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    Anyone ?
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    Do a quick search, everyone has encountered the same issues.

    ^ You'll probably see at least 10 threads on the same topic.

    Personally I manually (yes, unfortuntely!) typed out all my contacts into my Gmail account so I can link my Pre to that..., took the hit of manual entry early on but with the safety of knowing they will always be available online, 'forever'.

    If you have a SIM Card reader that hooks up to your PC, you may be able to transfer your contacts to Outlook that way. In similar fashion, another phone you have may sync to Outlook. From there you can get them to your Pre...
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    The pre does recognize sim contacts, but your best bet

    Best bet is to manually enter them into google and then you will never need to do anything with your contacts again. Also if you have a phone that has some sort of pc software you could put your sim in their and there is usually a way to save all contacts into a .vcf (i think) file, and that can be uploaded to google.
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    This is how I did it "almost" by itself.

    Take a look at this site and download the program to your old GSM phone. ZYB Keeps you in sync with your friends

    Then from the website you export your contacts, google how to.

    Import the contacts to your Gmail and voila !
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    i had the same problem....

    with the 1st pre i had, the sim contacts came up on the contacts list automatically, but then i had to change my pre...and with the second one, the sim contacts didnt come up..wrote on this forum and found the only way to do this was to put them in manually.... so i was in the middle of doing this and got fed up half way....

    then i think after i updated to 1.4, doctored it back down due to soooo many problems that suddenly my sim contacts are back with the half i entered manually, i now have double entries....
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    I have the similar problem. Yesterday I installed on my Palm Pre (-) a new WebOS 2.1 (from china: webosdoctorp100ueu-wr-2.1.0_flash). All is ok (is really cool & fast!), but I can't see my SIM contacts :/. When selecting a Palm Profile contact "Copy to SIM Card" & "Preferences & Accounts" are Disabled in the Menu.
    Is there any solution??
    Regards and sorry for my english,

    P.S. Here are the screenshots:
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    I found it here //

    Copying contacts from your SIM card to your phone

    You can copy a contact from the SIM card to your phone by adding information to the contactís profile. After you add new information to a SIM contact, the contact links to the default account on your phone.

    Open Contacts .
    Tap the name of the SIM contact you want to save to your phone.
    Tap Edit.
    Add a phone number, email address, or other information to the contact. (I.e. even just the number 1 as a New Phone Number).

    Tip If you only know one phone number for a contact, you can enter the same phone number again as a second phone number. After you save your changes, the new information links to the default Contacts account on your phone.

    Tap Done.

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