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    I am attempting a second time to run WebOS Doctor to repair the blue screen that reads "phone error". "There is an error with your phone that cannot be resolved", "Please contact for support".

    They advised me to run the doctor again. How many times should I do this? Has anyone else ever gotten this screen before? It all started when my phone was offline and not getting a signal. A Sprint Rep told me to do a full erase and see if it would reset. That's how I got this blue screen I have been stuck on for the last three hours. Sprint told me they will swap my Pre out, but I would rather keep the phone for fear the hardware on the next one will not be as good as the one I have now.
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    A full erase is not the Dr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    A full erase is not the Dr.
    I am aware of that.

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