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    I can not send photos at all via MMS, only email. It's insanely annoying to have to resize them through Photo Effects Plus every time I want to message a photo. They really need to fix this somehow.

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to fix this?
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    wow.. i've never had a problem sending pictures to my wife over our phones. I have a Pre Plus and she has an env3, both on Verizon. Never tried a video.. Hmmm.
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    I finally asked one of the techs at Data Tech Support. I got some "I don't knows", but the end result is that it's not happening with just VZW. I have friends on Sprint, T-Mo, and AT&T who are all getting this on occasion, no matter who they send to. He said that VZW's size limit is 500K but phones reduce to under 400K. This may or may not be, but I have found this to be true on my Treo/Centro phones. I also am convinced this is valid:

    Sizing is done by the network YOU are on when receiving messages.
    Sizing is done by your phone on outgoing messages.

    This means that there is either a software glitch, or a network problem, because both of the above should throttle any file as needed. Then again, I do recall a time we could send 4.5MB MP3's to each other without MMS IDK.

    Basically all this means no one really has a CLUE what the deal is, but it's not just my Pre or my carrier. LOL.
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    On Sprint...i've only had problems sending video via MMS to someone with an iPhone. I can only send videos that are around 4 seconds. Anything bigger, and i get a message back saying it cant send.
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    I too am on VZW with a pre plus and have this same problem. But only occasionally. Sometimes they send fine and sometimes they don't. I usually have the most problems sending to my wife who also has a Pre Plus.
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    I have no problem with sending pics, Sprint to Verizon but sending any vid, even one 10 seconds long never goes through.
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    Well, there you go.

    Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus 1.4.5
    UberKernal 1.0 GHz
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    I have never had an issue doing this, and im on verizon.
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    My did the same, then i remember what i did was turn on the geotag. So I then turn off the geotag, and send it and it went threw. Hope it works out. O'yea i got a txt that said error file size to big for there carrier or something i cant remember.
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    Same is in other carriers all over the world. Right now I'm in Poland with two Pre 2 each in different carrier. One of them is sending photos by MMS with no issue, another not - can only send small images.
    So my request is: could any of our lovely webOS programmers write a patch to resize down photos before sending via MMS? Or alternatively to add to Camera app possibility to take pictures in lower resolution...
    This (one of those 2 above) could solve many issues...
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