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    OK, I need some help here please. My sons phone went to an all black screen but everything was working on it, you just couldnt see it. I just came from the Sprint store and the tech was able to turn the screen on, but its frozen. They couldn't resolve the problem, but ordered me a new phone which is great.

    The potential problem? When Sprint gets the phone and sees that preware is installed will they make me pay the 100 dollars? The guy at the store said it seems like a phone problem and nothing we did. Just in case without using the touchscreen I was able to pull preware up and was going to erase the 1 theme and 6 homebrew apps, but am unable to use the screen.

    Any advice? Or does it even matter. The Sprint Rep said that it was a problem with the touch screen. Should I just leave it as is?

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I did do a search and couldnt find anything
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    By the way, the screen is now stuck in the on position????
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    pull the battery! Wait a few
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    they won't make you pay for preware.... I'm a sprint service repair tech and I install preware on everyones palm/pixi who comes in my store. Everyone has a better experience with it. Well not everyone... I suggest it to everyone and show them everything you can do with it
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    Thanks onyoursix, the tech and sales people were great. They just couldnt fix the problem.

    @kbastian I tried that several times today when the screen was black. Sprint Tech was able to get the screen on, he just ordered me a new one.

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate it!
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