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    I had been experiencing the glitches of phone restarting, not receiving texts/calls, and WiFi unable to connect.

    However, the last 3 or 4 days, I haven't had a single issue. As far as I know, my usage has been pretty much the same every day and I haven't fiddled with any themes or patches in that time either.

    This happen for anyone else?
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    I haven't missed any phone calls in the past couple days, but I've been monitoring things with JsTop and I removed a few patches (kinda).

    I'm more concerned with the numerous things that broke/changed with 1.4:
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    It's not so much the problems, but the fact that some of them seem to have cleared up themselves.

    So I'm wondering if certain behaviors or apps are behind at least some of the issues and can thus be avoided.

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