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    does it work 1.4.1?
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    it works...... wow this is awesome.... thank u guys
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    Just got it up and running on 02 as well!
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    Just will not work for me at all. Tried with the patch and without and still no good. Followed the instructions to the letter. I can get my mac to connect with MBH but no sites load up just spinning as if it's loading but it never does.

    I'm running 1.4.1 on o2 uk.

    Am i doing anything wrong????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quintus View Post
    Since the 1.4.1 update, MHS has stopped working for me. Laptop shows that it is connected but can't get online!!!! Anyone else have problems since updating to 1.4.1?

    On a positive note, paid apps are wonderful!!!!!
    Same here. The 3G/EVDO connection keeping dropping out ... even when the phone is not running MHS. However, when the phone runs an app that requires 3G/EVDO, it seems to automatically turn on (just going by the icon on the top right corner).

    Anyone have a fix for the 3G dropping out?
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    I fixed my connection issues by uninstalling the MHS + IP forwarding version, and then installing TECK's MHS installation. Its a little more complicated, but it works better and the connection is faster.
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    Absolutely brilliant - got it running on my UK O2 Pre by following the instructions in post #18.

    I have no 3G signal here and I found I needed to make the Pre connect to the O2 GPRS system (which I did by starting the Pre browser & going to any website), before I could do any internet connections on my laptop (which was connected to the Pre via MHS). I'm not sure if the same trick would be needed if I was in a 3G area.

    Many, many thanks! Now I can buy myself a wifi-only Kindle 3 or iPad and it'll all just work!!! Awesome
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    This works beautifully. Is there a Mobile Hotspot app for the Palm Pixi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by leonkehoe View Post
    This works beautifully. Is there a Mobile Hotspot app for the Palm Pixi?
    I actually thought it's working for the pixi the same?
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    I actually thought it's working for the pixi the same?
    It might? But the Mobile Hotspot app that's linked to is for arm7 devices, it will not install on the Pixi.
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    ***While we are going to permit discussion on the topic of, Palm Mobile Hotspot on other carriers, under no circumstances may you post links to a copy of this software. The Mobile Hotspot app is Palm software and only authorized for distribution by Verizon. Distributing it for other carriers isn’t allowed and violates the user’s agreement with those carriers.***

    Thank you for your co-operation.
    -Your Moderators
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