I currently have a pre plus on Verizon (moved from my Pre on sprint shortly after VZW launched the pre+).

I was having issues with the phone randomly going to "phone offline" status. Shows "phone offline" in the upper left and shows no bars or EV (the icons are gone). This often happens as I try to place a call. Eventually it comes back online (sometimes by itself other time it requires a reboot). If I don't reboot the phone app often freezes and says "connecting" in the status/timer area.

This is very frustrating and causes me to miss calls/txts if I don't realize it has occurred.

I called and received a Refurb phone.....it is doing the same thing. This happens in many different areas (not off a specific tower) and often in areas of great signal.

I am running and it is freshly Dr'ed with no patches or homebrew....

Any ideas??

What is the chance I got a phone that has the exact same issue as my original?!?!?!

Anyone else experiencing this?? Any ideas???