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    you can have a nike thing that you tie onto your shoes and plug into your ipod and it automatically records your distance and time. Im not sure of the name of it. If someone knows what it is exactly and if you can do it with the palm pre or if there is any similar app that would use gps or something to state your distance? Thanks.
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    Theres a few different apps for that, just look under fitness or lifestyle or something. With GPS you don't need a pedometer in your shoe to give you speed/distance.
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    I agree with previous post, no need to have an extra gadget for tracking info that your Pre already has the capabilit yof tracking.

    I personally do not like to workout with my pre as, i dont want sweat to get into the device & do not want to risk dropping.
    I use the Garmin Forerunner
    & a sansa clip for my running and gym workouts.
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    Its called Nike+.

    Only pro of having it on the iPhone is that it plays music while running and you can switch to power songs (your own fav selected songs to help you run quicker).

    Instead you could just buy the Nike+ wristband watch that will communicate with the sender in your shoe and keep track of your running. Watch plugs straight into a USB-slot for charging its battery and uploading your runs to their webservice.
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    I use Smartrunner. its free from the app store!
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    I use Nike+ also since it's easy to use and some of my friends have it and we like tracking each others progress.
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    +1 for Smartrunner. Very nice piece of software, it supports several sports, nice
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    what I thought would be cool is a bluetooth heart rate /temperature monitor.. Kinda like a Bluetooth body bug with the software in the phone.

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