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    When I delete email from my pre on my yahoo account it deletes the email from yahoo. Is there a way to delete from pre and keep it on yahoo?
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    I think it synchronizes your e-mail folders between the Pre and your e-mail account.

    You might try setting up a folder in your Yahoo e-mail for "read messages", or "pending", or something like that. Then you could move them to that folder on your Pre to get them out of your Inbox, but they would stay in the other folder until you delete them for good.
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    Go into your email preferences. There is a selection for "Sync Deleted Emails". Make sure this is off. If it is on, it will delete the emails from your online email account when you delete them on the device. Change it to "off".
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    I can't find that option. Where is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdritch24 View Post
    I can't find that option. Where is it?
    1. Select the Accounts & preferences option from the main menu
    2. Tap the account you wish to modify
    3. Scroll to the bottom, just above the red "Remove Account" button

    These instructions are for POP access accounts.
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    Does not have that option.
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    Is your yahoo account IMAP?
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    I also do not have that option with an IMAP yahoo account.
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    IMAP is designed to keep your email in sync across various clients. So, whatever you do in one place will be replicated in another. As a workaround, you can change your sync options such that only messages x days old or newer display on the Pre. The downside is that applies to all messages.

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