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    I've got a Palm Pre on O2, and I've recently updated the OS to 1.4 and ever since the volume meter has been fluctuating rapidly when I slide open the handset. Sometimes it's doing it for some long I can't use the handset.

    Is this a common bug in 1.4 or is it a hardware issue?

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    Do you have any patches installed on your phone? i know i had a similiar issue and it was being caused by the "do not disturb while on a call" patch.
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    This has been discussed ad nauseum in this thread ...

    The 1.4 update added a feature that brings up the volume icon/meter whenever the audio path changes (e.g. plugging in a headset or connecting to Bluetooth). Some Pre's (a fair number apparently) have flaky headphone jacks that are sending intermittent connect/disconnect signals. Sliding the phone open probably triggers this. You might try plugging/unplugging the jack a few times, or perhaps blow some air into to clean it. But a several folks have simply had to get replacements.

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