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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    does anyone have any evidence that a new pre is coming out this summer? I am on Sprint Premier. I have been with sprint for 10 years.
    Who said anything about a new Pre?
    The Pre is old news now.
    A new webOS device makes more sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iRobot View Post
    How is what I said "BS"?, but what you said, things that you have no actual clue or evidence at all will ever come to fruition.........
    You have no idea who i am.
    How could you even begin to think you know what's in my head?
    The BS i was talking about (and i guess i have to say it again), was you telling people to STFU from behind your little keyboard.
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    I, for one, will wait as long as June 13 (day my contract runs out). If no new Pre is out by then (on Sprint), then i'll just go on ahead and take the Pre.

    And if Palm drops a new one by July 13, then I'm covered. I'll just go swap out for the new device under my 30-day return policy. I can't imagine them waiting past mid July to drop a new unit.

    Either way, regardless of all the negative issues, I can't wait to get out of my 755p and into the Pre.

    I know, I know.... The Pre is "old" hardware now. But not to someone who doesn't have one it's not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iRobot View Post
    NO. none of them do, and they should STFU. That's the point of my whole initial response.
    You are correct - nobody really knows except Palm and the hardware vendors, right?

    On the other hand, speculation, guessing, and rumors are what make the community fun. It's like betting on a sports game, right? Generally speaking, the carriers have certain times of year that new hardware is announced. I think the OP was looking for our opinion on whether or not to "wait and see" or "just do it"

    If we're wrong, then the OP will have been "stuck" with their 700p for a couple of months longer. If we're right, a new WebOS device is what we'll be chatting about this summer.

    I like reading people's opinions on what they think will happen next. I think it's a good thing that there's so much passion for the devices that we carry with us the most. If we all STFU - the forum would be a pretty boring place
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    I am already out of contract and some of my "perks/sprint niceties" are expiring. if I get those renewed then I will have to renew the agreement as well.
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    maybe I will call and renew the contract and then wait on the phone. i guess I could do that. 4 months is not going to kill me. but the contract part is what concerns me
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    does anyone have any evidence that a new pre is coming out this summer? I am on Sprint Premier. I have been with sprint for 10 years.
    Actually, the answer is no, there is no real evidence. Unfortunately, you're geting a lot of personal opinion so far, rather than real hard "fact based" advice. Even what I'm about to give is my personal opinion, though I'll try to be a little more objective than what you've seen so far.

    • "Shoddy equipment". While I agree that the Pre is probably the worst of the 4 WebOS devices (Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus, Pixi Plus), I think the perjorative nature of what you read here is biased. Though there are numerous reports on this forum about users with problems, forums tend to attract people with problems. Every object report I've read has said that the Pre has had no more QC issues than other similar devices.

      My personal experience (and I've had a lot of Palm devices) is that I've had less problems with my Pre than several of Palm devices (the 700P and the Centro were both particularly troublesome) and only marginally worse than the best of them By that, I mean specifically, my USB port cover fell off.

      The Pre was Palm's first "slider" device, so it's not a good comparison to put it side by side against other Palm devices. I have compared mine to other sliders, and other than much smaller dumb phone systems, I haven't seen that my release-day Pre is any worse than others (including the much-praise 'Droid). My personal opinion is that the slight oreo-effect you will hear much about is just part of having a slider device. My Pre has between 1/16" - 1/8" wiggle when open, and is solid when closed. The two Droids I looked at (one a display model, and one a salesperson's personal model) both had more. Note - that's a very small sample, but is my experience.
    • New Model There's no hard evidence that indicates there will definitely be a new model, but I suspect there will be sometime around June. This is nothing but speculation on my part.

      That said, if you're still using your 700P, you're not exactly an "early adopter". The 700P is a 4 year old device, and now a couple of models back. If you wait until June, you will be moving from a "tried and true" user to becoming an early adopter. In other words, you may be bypassing Pre/Pixi issues, and jumping into Elan/Pre2/WhateverTheyCallIt issues. Are you ready for that?
    • Out of Contract I would not renew my contract where I you. Sprint has users sign contract mostly to lock them in to help offset the expense of subsidizing the phone. In other words, signing the contract is to hook you for a term of service, not to give you a good price on the server. Your benefit (typically) is you get the phone cheap. If you don't buy now, you don't get the benefit.

    Choices Choices
    Here's my advice. If you really want to jump now, I see two good options:
    1. If you hope to get in on the "next" WebOS device if one comes available, look around and buy a used Pre for Sprint. I've seen them on eBay for $100-$150, sometimes as much as $200 with "lots of accessories". Activate it, change your plan (without signing a new contract) to the appropriate data plan, and use it until the new device comes out. If/when it does, sell it for a small loss, and you now become an early adopter.
    2. If you don't want to spend the money on a used device, shop around and find someone that will match the $80-$100 "new contract" pricing on a Pre (you can find them, trust me). Sign up, get your Pre. If/when a new WebOS device comes out, you'll be eligible (under Sprint's plan) to buy the new device this time next year. that means that basically, you can get the new device < 9 months after it comes out, and still get it subsidized.

    There you go. All my "personal opinion", but guaranteed to be 100% accurate, or I'll gladly refund every penny I've charged.
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    ^ Really good post.

    I've been eyeing the Pre since they came out. I got one for my lady and she loves hers. I'm finally gonna try one. I bought a used one and now I'm just waiting til my plan resets to activate it. If something new comes out this year, I have my rebate that'll kick in later this year that I can use if the new phone is that much more desirable.
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