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    I'm having a sort of bizarre issue that just began last night. I'm receiving texts hours after they're sent to me (roughly between one to five hours), while all of the texts I send out are going through promptly. Every text that I receive includes the "Message Sent <Date, Time>" detailing how long ago it was sent.

    I was texting three friends last night, and got to the point where I was saying "Hello? Are you there?" and about ten minutes ago I got 20+ messages all at the same time that were all originally sent over the course of last night "Yes, I'm here" etc.

    This is driving me crazy, any suggestions would be awesome. I've had the phone for months, and have a full signal where I'm at, have never had any issues like this in the past.
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    The delays could be happening on their side.
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    A problem like this is usually a cell site issue.
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    Sorry, what does "cell site" mean?

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
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    Well, if you ur out in the country, it's those tall tall signal towers.
    If ur in an urban area, u'll see the antennas near rooftops of apartment buildings and other buildings like that.
    That is what ur phone interacts with.
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    call your service provider they may have an issue in your area..

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