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    So using the phone yesterday (Facebook App) and when I closed the app, a message popped up that said I was signed out of my Palm Profile and to restart the phone. I did that...several minutes later a screen appears that gives me the option to restart or perform a full erase. I chose restart, which eventually got me to the point of having to set the phone up from the beginning again. No data lost other than any apps that I installed using webos quick install.

    Changes made recently...My Tether was "purchased""donated" whatever you want to call it and installed, but that was on Wednesday.

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Not even sure what to call it...
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    Phone has been a bit "off" since this happened. I am doctoring it has I type this. I also decided to turn off "backup"...anyone else do this? Anything that is important to me sits on an exchange server anyway.
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    I just had this happen yesterday. Had a Pre full of pics, videos, movies, Sprint catalog apps etc. Was watching a loaded movie, put it down for the night and when I woke up the entire USB drive was erased! Third Pre I've had, no problems for about 6 mo. The only homebrew app installed was MyTether and that had been loaded and running for at least 4 mo., again with no problems. All standard Pre apps maintained their respective data- contacts, to do, memos etc. The rest of drive was erased clean. A complete mystery.
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    Makersforme was it a refurb pre?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Send a PM to forum member HardBeatZ who is a Palm support rep. He may be able to help you out. This issue has been going on for quite some time.

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