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    my alarm only let me down once......then i realized i had set it to PM instead of AM.....OOPS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by neodoru View Post
    the alarm screwed me 2 times by now. Both after 1.4
    Some people enjoy getting screwed in the morning, but not exactly sure how the phone would go about doing it. Is there a special app for that?

    Seriously though, you probably won't get much constructive response unless you post some details about what's going on.

    Did the alarm not go off at all? Did it go off but was just to quiet to hear? Were you seriously hung over, and just slept through it all? Some details are good to know if you want help; otherwise, you're likely to just get a "mine works fine" responses.

    By the way, mine works fine.
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    Wow, after reading all the "my Pre alarm failed me" posts, I'm feeling a little guilty over my snarky remark (only a little though).

    I have to say, I'm probably old-fashioned, but work is important enough to me that I've always counted on a good old fashioned dedicated alarm clock to wake me up, and my wife to be my backup if that fails.

    That said, I'm a "hard to wake up" type, and prefer to have an alarm go off several times before I have to get up. That "first alarm an hour early" was really getting to my wife when her schedule changed, so I started using my Pre.

    I was surprised by how well it worked. It's loud enough that it wakes me up every time. It's versitile enough that it handles my mixed schedule (I currently support two govt. facilities, and have to arrive at a different time on Th-Fr), and the snooze/dismiss is easy to handle.

    After reading this, I guess I should also be surprised that it has never once "not worked" for me, in the 5 months I've been using it (I had it for a while before I used the alarm feature). I've hacked the phone, Doctored it twice, and have run it through every update Palm's offered for it. Not a single miss.
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    My alarms worked flawlessly until 1.4. Then they started
    turning themselves off, resetting themselves to random times, etc.. .
    I deleted them and re-created from scratch and that worked fine
    until the DST change which wreaked havok on the clock for a day or two,
    and now my alarms don't work properly again (despite having deleted and
    re-created again)
    Now the morning alarm simply refuses to sound until I wake the
    phone up myself. So for instance if I set it for 7:45, nothing happens
    until I've slept late till 8:15, realize it's late, and wake up the phone
    and only then does the alarm sound. I also notice that it seems
    to catch up on other background tasks at the same time so
    the phone becomes sluggish for a few seconds after I kill the alarm.

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    my stock alarm works flawlessly, i also have teal time and it works great also... the clock sync app keeps my time correct, even though i never have had any problems with the time, those that do have problems should give it a try
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    ahhhh, would you be so kind to check the /var/log/messages entry? you would clearly see that powerd is just not waking the phone when it should.
    there is nothing to "try" here, this is a problem deep within the system, that palm has to fix URGENTLY, as it is much more than just about alarms in the morning.
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    I've given up on the alarm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Apparently after the daylight savings switch it decided to stop again. Late for work twice, back to the old alarm clock and gone with the Pre alarm. I really hope Palm reads these forums.
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    SAME ISSUE! This actually happened to my wife, who owns a Pixi, first. Tuesday night she set her phones alarm to wake up and the next morning I had to wake her up on my way out of the door because her alarm did not go off. Then, just last night, I had my phone set to recur 5:40AM every weekday since I got the Pre and this morning I woke up already 30 minutes late to work! I checked my alarms and they were all turned off and set to 12:00 PM. I don't know what is going on, but I have always used my phone as an alarm clock. I need this functionality to work and work flawlessly. Palm really needs to buckle down and get this sorted out and HOT FIX IT.
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    What I have found out to make it work was that I have to see the alarm icon in the notification area. This requires me to go into the alarm each day. I don't know if it is a 1.4 bug or not. I at least have a work around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beegdawg View Post
    What I have found out to make it work was that I have to see the alarm icon in the notification area. This requires me to go into the alarm each day. I don't know if it is a 1.4 bug or not. I at least have a work around.
    My wife did this and the malfunction still occurred on her phone. This may not fix the issue.
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    Plus leaving the clock app or notification up was never necessary to do before.

    This morning my alarm did not go off at all. Normally (since 1.4) I wake the
    phone up within about 30 minutes of when it should have gone off, and it
    then immediately sounds the alarm. This morning I didn't touch the
    phone. I left it sleeping for a couple hours and when I woke it up,
    I got nothing at all. No indication that an alarm had ever been activated.
    Checked and it was still set to the correct time and turned on it. It just
    never woke the phone up.

    I've deleted and recreated the alarm, and the phone has rebooted (itself)
    several times since 1.4 and DST and nothing will make the alarm work
    correctly any more. Very annoying. While I'm a great Pre fan, this has
    always been the sort of thing that really aggravates me about the Pre.
    A really cool interface, some cool apps, but they just fall down on
    the most basic stuff that has been the bread and butter of every previous
    Palm device (memos, tasks, alarms, backups.. etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pr3Lov3r View Post
    My alarm only failed me once and it was the day after the 1.4 update. I deleted the alarm and reset it and all has been fine since, thank goodness!
    I did the same thing and when reinstalling the alarms I saw to it that they were in chronological order (which wasnt the case before). Since then they work....
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    I posted this up in the issued thread, but I figured out why
    my alarms have stopped working. My Pre's internal clock has
    completely stopped. It only reflects current time when it's awake and on
    a network. If I put it into airplane mode, the clock stops after a few minutes
    and will no longer update whether it's awake or not. If the phone is
    sleeping, the clock does not update. Every time I wake it up
    the displayed time is from when it last went to sleep, and then it
    updates to current time within a second or two.

    I even verified that the timestamps on broadcast messages in a unix shell
    are reflecting the fact that the clock isn't updating. While the phone
    sleeps, every broadcast message sent to the shell has essentially
    the same timestamp (seems to progress by about 1 second per
    message, but no more).

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    When I turned off Network Time setting, the clock stopped ever showing
    the correct time. It would run while the phone was awake, and stop
    while it was asleep. For those who are having problems with the alarm
    not ever going off, you might try the same test.

    A reboot got the clock started again, but I know I've done other reboots
    since my alarms stopped working after DST so my suspicion is that the
    Pre's internal clock will stop working again at some point.

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    As I suspected, after a day or two, my Pre's clock stopped again.
    I left Network Time turned off, and I noticed last night that
    the time was wildly wrong and not updating at all when the phone
    was sleeping. This is really aggravating.

    Anyone else seeing this? It's easy to detect. If you see the time
    quickly change from an old value to a new one on the lock screen
    whenever you hit the power button to wake it up, that's it.

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    Those sound like bigger issues. My has worked like a champ as long as I validate that the alarm icon is in the tray.
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    Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, I have had quite a few alarms not go off or randomly get reset to a different time.
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    My alarm always works but I manually go in there and tap on the alram before I go to bed. This then turns on the alarm button in the bottom right hand corner.

    Im curious why the alarm says it is set to go off every weekday since the alarm icon doesnt show up until I manually tap it.

    Thoses of you that keep an alarm at reoccuring, does your pre constantly have the alarm icon in the corner?

    Do I even need to manually tap every night?
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    i have had my phone since launch must just be stupid
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    my alarm is ****ting me after 1.4
    Oh, I won't bother myself anymore to find out the reason. I just use back my treo 650. I have a good sleep now for I don't need to wakeup in the middle of my night to check this damn Pre anymore.

    Because we have multitasking, we need to bear. LOL
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